WCO – Merriam Turkey Hunt 2012

Colorado Merriam Turkey

Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc. Elk hunt, bear hunt, mule deer hunt, turkey hunt, ColoradoApril 14th to May 27, 2012 is Colorado’s turkey season

Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc., WCO, offers private land Merriam Turkey hunts in Southwest Colorado. The areas available to hunt are vast. Resident flocks offer a variety of opportunities for a successful hunting experience.

Colorado Merriam Turkey
We provide one guide per hunter and accommodate up to four hunters per trip. Our guides are experienced and are essential to your Merriam turkey hunt. Hunt from a blind or spot and stalk. We strive to make your hunt a successful one. Contact them for additional information at www.wolfcreekoutfitters.net

This just in: Turkey Hunting 101 offered in Denver, Colorado. See the release below.


DENVER – Just in time for the March 15 sale of unlimited turkey tags, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is offering a Turkey Hunting 101.  This basic seminar on hunting wild turkeys will provide basic instruction on gear, calls, habitat, and habitats, as well as tips and techniques for the novice to take to the field in April.  Join us and learn how to bag your bird for the table.
WHAT: Turkey Hunting 101
WHO: Everyone interested in learning how to hunt turkeys
WHEN: Wed., March 14 from 6:30 p.m.  to 9 p.m.
WHERE: Hunter Education Building, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 6060 Broadway, Denver
COST: No cost
SIGN UP: To register please email wildlife.neoutreach@state.co.us or call 303-291-7804 and leave a message with name(s), address and phone number to register.  Seminar is limited to 100 participants.To find out more about turkey hunting, go to:

For more information about Division of Wildlife go to: http://wildlife.state.co.us.

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WCO – A Great Show

www.wolfcreekoutfitters.netWolf Creek Outfitters, Inc. (WCO) spent the past four days at the International Sportsman’s Expo in Denver, Colorado. Hank and I truly enjoyed meeting some amazing people and we look forward to your spring turkey hunts and fall big game hunts.

To those of you who were not able to make a decision or needed time to “hash” it over. I will be in touch with you and also send you the additional information you requested. Today, we will be unpacking after our booth teardown, dinner, quick last visit with our parents and then the 6 hour drive home.

Remember, show specials are good through January 31st, 2012. Visit our website, www.wolfcreekoutfitters.net and contact us for additional information.

Ladies, and husbands who were interested in purchasing Prois hunting and field apparel for women, simply follow the link. http://www.proishunting.com/index.php

WCO says “Thanks to you all!” We genuinely enjoyed meeting you.  It’s always and adventure.

Thank you for stopping by!


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WCO – A Year of Firsts


www.wolfcreekoutfitters.netAs we look back on 2011, we are thankful to everyone for a great year. It has been a year of firsts for Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc. (WCO). We had a lot of hunters who were not new to hunting, but who had not made a successful harvest on the animal they were chasing this year. We are so proud to have been a part of their “firsts”. As we say good-by to 2011 we reminisce, celebrate and look forward to 2012.

Our grand finale of the year. A friend who used to be a wrangler for WCO, Colton, was given and elk hunt by his father, Dennis. He has hunted elk for the past 8 years and this year finally tagged one as his own. Colton, his father and good friend, Raz, came to hunt in New Mexico with us. He and Raz held cow elk tags and both were after their first elk ever.

The crew got up before dark and headed out in the below zero temperatures in search of elk. Right away they spotted a group of cows, but they were on the wrong side of the fence. They continued on with their hunt and found a larger heard of cow elk but those were a long way off. With the hard crusted snow they knew they could not hike close enough or quiet enough to get a good shot. They decided to go warm up, eat lunch and head back with the horses for an afternoon-evening hunt. The horses would give them an advantage because the elk are familiar with their presence.New Mexico horseback hunt

Early afternoon the group set out on horses and rode into an area that was thick with elk tracks and sign. They knew the elk would be back so they dismounted and sat on the cold frozen ground to wait for the herd. As they shivered and dozed Colton opened his eyes and saw a cow. He watched and saw her moving through the trees. He nudged Hank from his afternoon nap and Hank asked if Colton could see her through the scope. Colton said yes that he could see her perfectly as she moved out into the field. Hank handed him the shooting sticks. In the freezing temperatures the rest cracked off and Colton was left to make his shot free-hand. He remained calm, steadied and shot. He hit his mark. Mind you, elk are hardy animals. They do not always fall with the first shot, even if it is a “perfect” one. Hank told Colton to shoot again. He re-positioned a little closer and made another shot from his belly. He hit his mark again. Finally he scooted up to a fallen tree. Using it as a rest he dropped his prize in the middle of the field.

The four, Colton, his dad, Raz and Hank cheered as Colton took his first elk ever on the first day of the last hunt of the year. What a Christmas present for a father and son.

Elk hunt New Mexico
Dennis and Colton with his first elk.

The following day Raz took his first elk ever as well. What a successful season and year.

First elk harvest.
Colton with his first elk.

WCO says “Thanks to you all!”  It’s always and adventure.

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Travis’ First Mule Deer

Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc.Fourth rifle season in Colorado provided Wolf Creek Outfitters with a hunt for a mule deer buck. Hank and Travis headed out opening day only to see a plethora of does and not a single buck.  On day two they decided to try another valley and then another.

The two saw more does and more does. If there were does in there, there just had to be bucks among them. They hiked and glassed but only saw some small bucks. They didn’t see what they were looking for. After lunch, they headed back down a ridge and saw large buck tracks crossing their foot tracks. They laughed at how smart the deer are but knew they could outsmart them.

Horseback hunt
Travis rides through the snow in search of a mule deer.


The temperatures dropped and the two rode their horses down a ridge then up another. Hank stopped and got off his horse. He glassed and then told Travis to dismount. There at the edge of the field was a great buck! Travis dismounted from his horse, unsheathed his gun and slowly lay on the ground. The horses watched in anticipation because they knew what the rifle meant. Suddenly the shot was heard. The horses flinched and stood still. The buck had been hit good but it leaped and ran into the brush.

The two tended to their horses, grabbed their packs and added more layers. They knew it was time for some work to be done. After a little searching, they found Travis’ prize. His first mule deer and it was a great buck!

Wolf Creek Outfitters hunter travis on first mule deer hunt
Travis with his first mule deer

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WCO Hosts 5th Annual Special Needs Ride

Special needs group excited after day of riding horses.

www.wolfcreekoutfitters.netThursday, July 14, 2011, Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc. (WCO) hosted the special needs children of Pagosa Springs for the fifth annual special needs horseback ride.  Each year our team gives the kids the opportunity to watch, pet and if they desire, ride a horse.  This is a day the WCO team looks forward to each year.

This years horseback ride was attended by fourteen children along with their instructors and a couple of parents.  The morning began with greetings, and instruction followed by meeting the horses.  Many of the children have been to this event in the past and are very comfortable around the horses.  Others take a little warming up and then before you know it they are off on a ride.  Enthusiasm exuded from the children as they spent the morning with giant smiles on their faces.

Special needs group excited after day of riding horses.

The children took short rides around the arena and then if they were up to it got to go out on the trail.  It is the 5th year and one attendee still had yet to gain the courage to climb atop a horse.  He loves them so much and enjoys coming to see them.  He trys to gain courage each time and then opts to help out each by leading a horse.

The team braces a wheel chair bound friend as he enjoys ride around the arena.  It is not only fantastic for the rider, but rewarding for the proud helper as well.

Special needs children interact with horses

Hank thanks him for his help.  It is a pleasure to have him involved as always.

 Hank thanks an attendee for his help with the special needs horseback ride.

Another child and his mother attended the event.  Both are deaf and had a fantastic time interacting with the horses.  The boy uses sign language to communicate.  They were ecstatic to get to ride Huckleberry.

Yet another boy wants to help as well as ride.  The team dubbed him the ranch hand for the day.  He was up and ready to help out with everything.  He was even excited to hop on Jake the mule to go for ride!

Special needs attendee rides Jake the mule.

At WCO we are honored to be a part of such a great event.  It is so rewarding to meet these great kids and to see them come back again and again each year.  The horses love them as well and we are so proud to have such a great team of horses that take care of this precious cargo as they head out on the trail.

The group of children at the special needs event head out on the trail.

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WCO – Jicarilla Youth Horse Camp a Success

Kids were so excited after learning a bit of language to come and ride the horses.

www.wolfcreekoutfitters.netAt Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc, WCO, the team has a goal to educate children in hunting, fishing, horses and the outdoors.  We strive to build their enthusiasm toward becoming more involved in outdoor activities.  There is no way an I-pod, cell phone or computer can ever top a great experience in the outdoors.

July 7th and 8th, 2011 was a huge success for the WCO team as it sponsored and attended the Jicarilla Youth Horse camp in Dulce, NM.  The camp was attended by nearly 50 children including this years Little Beaver representative and the Rio Arriba Fair/Rodeo Princess.  WCO was happy to meet them and impressed as they showed off their horseback riding skills.  The team listened as the current Little Beaver and a former Little Beaver representative spoke about what a great honor it was to be chosen and how wonderful it was to learn to connect and ride their horse bareback.

The elders who helped with the camp taught the kids the traditions from their past.  They put a focus on the connection they have with the horse and an emphasis on the importance of it to their culture.  They went to great lengths to share their heritage with the next generation.

The kids and the WCO team learned Apache words related to horses and riding.  The WCO team came home with words like “tashunke” – horse, “nashishe” – pad and “shinte” – tail.  It was a great experience to learn bits and pieces of a culture and language that is so close to home.  The WCO team was greatly impressed by the stations set up and the ways the group taught history, leadership and connection to the children.  After they learned so many great things, they were excited to enjoy a horseback ride.

WCO gave the kids the opportunity to ride a horse after they learned a lot about them.  We are happy as well as proud to be a part of such an impressive opportunity for the kids.

Kids were so excited after learning a bit of language to come and ride the horses.
Kids were so excited to learn the importance of the horse and also to have the opportunity to ride them.
There is no way and I-pod, cell phone or computer can ever top a great experience in the outdoos.
There is no way an I-pod, cell phone or computer can ever top a great experience in the outdoors.

One group of kids that were exstatic to get a chance to ride a horse.

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WCO Heads to Horse Camp

The WCO team is ready to go!

Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc.One of our favorite things here at Wolf Creek Outfitters (WCO) is teaching the children.  We feel it is important to pass on the western heritage to the next generation.  We take pleasure in sponsoring youth events as well as special needs events and rodeos.

Today we are headed out to horse camp with the Jicarilla Indians.  The camp is a two day event in which sponsors come together from  New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona to keep the horse culture alive.

The tribe encourages all kids ages 7 and up to attend this educational event.  They set up six stations for kids to learn all about horses.  The youth are divided into groups and rotate through stations which include “Horse Hoof Health”, “Cultural Horse”, “Crafts & Games”, “Building Leadership”, “How the Horse Works” and “Horse Riding”.

The WCO team is ready to go!
The WCO team is ready to go!

WCO has loaded up horses and they are ready to head out.  They of course will be at the “Horse Riding” station.  The WCO team is happy to help teach nearly 50 children for the next couple of days.  It is great to be able to give them the opportunity to go for a horseback ride.  Helping pass on the heritage.  –WCO

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