Mule Deer Hunting with Mia at Big Buck Registry

“Mia Anstine recently found herself on the cover of Field and Stream and rightfully so, Mia is an outdoor writer, podcaster, and hunting guide in Colorado. You’ll hear Mia’s positivity as we discuss the numerous species and hunting opportunities that Colorado has to offer. Mia loves getting in shape both mentally and physically in preparation for her guided horseback mule deer hunts and explains why waiting patiently for the right shot will pay huge dividends.” Big Buck Registry

Elk and Deer Herd Planning San Juan Mountains – Colorado

Colorado hunters are constantly discussing the management of elk and deer herds in their areas. However, it seems this discussion usually happens at camp or in the local coffee shop. If you’re one of these people, who has something to say about Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s management in your area, you need to start attending…