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First Hunts Lead to a Lifetime of Hunting Tradition

I took it as a serious responsibility when I learned I was going to become a mother. I knew I had to do my very best to take care of the new little person I was bringing into the world—feed, clothe, provide shelter and so on. Yet, one of the most fun aspects of parenting has been putting food on the table.

Mother-Daughter-Hunts-NRA-Family-InsightsHow the hunting tradition begins

It began with a toddler tagging along on grouse hunts. She’d cheer when I knocked birds down, and then help me breast out and cook them for dinner.

I remember her giant, proud smile when she went fishing and brought home a trout. She never stopped smiling as she provided dinner for me. Those good times in the field and at the dinner table transpired into her first hunts.

A child’s first hunts

We reside in Colorado where youth hunters cannot pursue big game until they reach 12 years old, leaving small game and birds for them to hunt. My daughter signed up for hunter safety class and received her Hunter Education Certificate at the age of seven. We headed out to hunt grouse, turkey, ducks and geese.

When you take a child hunting, each hunt affords a different challenge. It takes patience, focus and an eye for your child’s limitations. It also offers delicious rewards for those who are safe, persistent and good shooters. Needless to say, we’ve not had a problem putting food on the table.

Fun hunts for youth shooters

Fast forward to my now 16-year-old-daughter and I, and you’ll see we travel the world to pursue many types of game. One of our favorite hunts is that of the mini F-14s, aka teal.

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