What is Mia’s Motivations?


Motivations – For a long time, I’ve had a favorite quote. “One thing I am sure of is I was put on this earth to shed light onto others. Even if it is only with a smile.” It’s my quote and I created it to remind myself that even when I’m going through trying times, there are others who have it as bad or worse. We’re not in this world alone and a positive attitude is contagious.

Exploring – Since I was a young girl, growing up near the river in southern Colorado, I’ve LOVED exploring. No matter where we live, there are always places to go, see, learn, explore and be outdoors. What we do out there is limitless, but we should always have an attitude of care and conservation in our thoughts. As always, I’ll be exploring the outdoors as well as tools to use and things to do, primarily in the hunting, fishing and shooting categories.

Survival – Of course it’s important to know how to survive, and I’ve already shared some products to help in this area, I’ll also share, techniques, recipes, and stories about how to make it in this big world, God created.

Mountains – I aspire to motivate others into the outdoors, shooting sports, hunting, and other avenues of life. Although I live in the mountains, sometimes the mountains we encounter are obstacles or challenges. I will do my best to encourage you to look to the goal and what is on the other side of the “mountain.”

Modern – In case you didn’t know, I live out West. I live on the west side of the Rocky Mountains, in Colorado, to be exact. So why modern? Because I’ve lived in and out of this area long enough to know how it was “back then.” I know what it’s like to live without running water or electricity. NO. I’m not THAT old. My parents simply chose to live is such a manner when I was a small child. I have great memories of those times and I have an appreciation for the luxuries we have today, because of it. Even though I live with modern day conveniences, I know what it was like way back when the pioneers were discovering this beautiful country, call the Wild West.

Wild West – My, oh my! I used to end all my stories with, “It’s always and adventure” because IT IS! There are some wild times on horses in the mountains, during hunts, on the boat, at the lake and virtually any place. I’ll share it with you in as safe a manner as possible. Let’s check it out!

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Mia Anstine is an outdoor writer, licensed outfitter, hunting guide, life coach, keynote speaker, and range safety officer, firearms instructor, and archery instructor. She is the founder of MAC Outdoors and Host of the MAC Outdoors Podcast. 

Mia Anstine strives to encourage others to get outside, hunt, fish, shoot, and survive life with others in a positive way.

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