Pick Up ALL the Trash | #ResponsibleRecreation

If you’ve been enjoying responsible recreation you’ve also been picking up trash as you go. The rule is that you should leave the space as you found it, but I’d like to encourage you to leave the space better than you found it.

As I recreate on public and state lands in Colorado, one thing I seem to find every time I go is other people’s trash. While I find it annoying, I also feel the need to clean up after other people and hope that you do too.


With the COVID-19 pandemic, there are more people than ever in the outdoors and you may be one of them. Take the oath of Responsible Recreation before you go, and encourage others to do the same.

Stay tuned as in partnership with the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation and the #ResponsibleRecreation movement, I’ll be sharing several outdoor lessons in the coming weeks. Lesson 1 is listed below. Tell me what you learn and what you find while you’re outdoors.

Lesson 1 — Pack out your trash as a courtesy to others and to avoid the appearance of overuse. #ResponsibleRecreation

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Mia Anstine is an outdoor writer, licensed outfitter, hunting guide, keynote speaker, and a range safety officer, firearms instructor, and archery instructor. She is the founder of MAC Outdoors and Host of the MAC Outdoors Podcast. 

Mia Anstine strives to encourage others to outdoors, hunt, fish, shoot, and survive life with others in a positive way.

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