Future of Hunting Includes Artificial Intelligence

I recently shared a gun I found at SHOT Show that displays advancement in engineering, which affords muzzleloaders greater precision at long distances. Today I’m going to discuss another advancement in technology. It one that probably surpasses anything you imagined could exist in the hunting realm. I’m talking Artificial Intelligence, and I want you to think about these advancements — tell me, when will we have gone too far?

A couple of years ago I shared a tool that I found interesting — a scope attachment that allows you to use your phone to video the shot on target. I saw the device as a training tool; an apparatus that I could use to analyze what was happening during the shot and downrange.

At this year’s SHOT Show I learned that Phone Skope has partnered with an artificial intelligence company to launch a device that will aid hunters so much that I think states will need to rethink their regulations.

Riley Baxter of GunsAmerica’s Hunt365 recently shared screen-shots of the experience with the Phone Skope vision and promises to provide a full review in the future.

I’ve yet to demo this technology, but it is said that users will download the app and use it in conjunction with the Phone Skope device. Tap the screen and open up a whole new world.

With Phone Skope’s Skoped AI you’ll be able to look through your spotting scope and be able to identify species, track animals, score antler and horn sizes, range distances, mark locations that you’re viewing on a map, allow 3D pin sharing, calculate elevation rise and drop, measure shot grouping sizes, and much much more.

Tell me, is this technology taking it a step too far or is it an advancement that will make the pursuit more precise, put less pressure on animals, and ultimately allow hunters to be more successful?

The following is information regarding how this intelligence is being used in the medical community. It is shared via Phone Skope and Skoped-AI.

Multiple Patents Pending

A new paradigm in optics and medicine.



Phone Skope optics adapters allow scientists, researchers and clinicians to get more from the lab by mounting a mobile phone directly to the microscope. This allows for instantaneous capture of specimen measurements and advanced analysis.


Skoped AI is a technology platform allowing users to obtain more capability from their optic with Phone Skope products and mobile devices. Utilizing cutting-edge computer vision technology developed specifically for the laboratory and medical sciences, researchers and clinicians can provide more timely diagnoses by capturing real-time footage of their microscope specimens. Gain more insight into medical conditions or data set and provide more confidence in your diagnosis with artificial intelligence on a mobile device.

Some capabilitie of the Skoped AI platform include:

Capture real-time footage of the microscope field-of-view
Track and identify movement of specimen activity
Classify patterns, anomalies, and medical conditions with image recognition
Save time and costs on research and diagnoses
Take advantage of new technologies of our phones through a microscope

For use with a common lab microscope, the platform will soon be available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

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