Things We Find Outdoors Hummingbird Moth

What will you find in the outdoors today?

We found this White-lined Sphinx Moth, also known as the Hummingbird Moth (can you guess why?). It seemed to be struggling, but since those wings move so fast it’s difficult to see the cause.

The moth finally slowed down enough for a mug shot and turned for a better view. Half of one of its wings is gone.

Although there are many ways this could’ve happened, I’m going with one in which the resident pair of ravens attempted to eat it, but it slipped away with a broke wing. 

The White-lined Sphinx Moth is found throughout the United States (and beyond). It’s identified by the coloring on its wings, which have olive-brown and a lighter brown with white veins and a tan rim on the top wings. When its wings are spread you’ll see a beautiful black, pink, and black pattern with white accents and a tan rim. The body is

Although you can’t see it in these pictures of this wounded one, if you look closely at many moths and butterflies, the patterns on their wings are made to look like a face and eyes. This doesn’t always work but is to deter predators.

Isn’t God’s creation amazing? I hope you’ll get outside to today. While you’re at it take a minute to look around. What great things will you find?

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