Hogs and Does Hunting by Ladies Adventure Camp Experience

The Ladies Adventure Camp Experience (LACE) has a Hogs and Does Hunting Adventure on their calendar. This is a great opportunity if you’re interested in learning to hunt or if you’re an experienced hunter who would like to attend a women’s only hunting event.

Hogs and Does Hunting Adventure

Hog-Hunt-2017This women’s only event will be a high-fence hunt for whitetail deer and hogs near Abilene, Texas at the Hawks Double Mountain Ranch.

Ten ladies will partake in the women’s only hogs and does hunting event. Arrival will begin the afternoon of November 9th, hunting days will be Saturday, November 10th, and Sunday, November 11th and hunters will depart November 12th.


Once you sign up you’ll receive information regarding obtaining a hunting license. If you’re under the age of 47 you’ll need a hunter education card. If you’re over 47-years-old a hunter education card is not required. However, it would be great to see all women take the course because it’s important to have a basic understanding of safety, hunting techniques, outdoor skills, game management and conservation.

Since the hunt will take place on a high fence ranch the cost of a hunting license is $45 (instead of $350). FYI – hogs and whitetail doe populations are immense at the ranch where the event is held; it’s smart game management to thin the herd. Meat processing is offered on-site for an additional cost. If you would like to donate your meat, we’ll collaborate with Hunters for the Hungry to make sure none goes to waste.

The cost for the Hogs and Does Hunting Adventure will be a modest $500 for the four days and includes housing, meals, non-alcoholic beverages, etc.. There will be a $100 per hog and $150 per whitetail trophy fee. This is a 75% discount based on comparable hunts.


Ladies Adventure Camp Experience

Deb Ferns created the Ladies Adventure Camp Experience(LACE) for women who want to learn how to hunt. Women are paired with other women who already have extensive experience in various hunting fields. The LACE events are geared toward the novice who wants to “try before they buy” so even guns and ammo are provided! Visit www.JoinLACE.com and jump on board for this hunting adventure; fun guaranteed! For more information contact Deb@DebFerns.com.

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