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Have you ever gotten home from a waterfowl hunt only to pull your shotgun out of the float bag and find rust on the barrel? I hate to admit, but it has happened to me. Being around not only inclement weather but salt water puts your firearms at risk.

It’s important to take care in cleaning your shotgun, but there are cases when droplets of moisture are missed. Last winter, at SHOT Show, I found a couple of products that will help alleviate moisture in our guns, bags, cases, safes and more.

Flambeau Outdoors offers a multitude of items to help us keep our guns in good condition. One big one is a hard-sided gun case. Others, which are on the smaller side, are easy to pop into any place you store your gun.

Get outside. Explore, learn, hunt, fish, shoot, connect with nature.

The ‘Stop Rust Vapor Capsule’ is a 2″x1-1/4″x1″ Zerust vapor capsule. It emits an invisible vapor that forms a rust resistant barrier on metal surfaces. That means you can put it in any of your cases where you store metal objects. Think, not only guns but tools, camera cases, tackle boxes and more.

Flambeau also offers ‘Gun Plugs,’ which are designed to top the barrel of your firearm. They help keep rust away and can remain in the barrel during travel or storage.

Both of these products offer rust and corrosion protection for steel, iron, brass, copper, aluminum, silver and nickel.

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We’ll be using these capsules as we head out on our adventures this fall. Tell me on one of my social sites, what do you have tags for this season? Me? I’ll be chasing pronghorn, elk, black bear, and mule deer. Best of luck, be safe and have fun .

Stop Rust capsule #6642ZR – MSRP $9.75
Gun Plugs (2 ea.) #6645GP – MSRP $4.82

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