Funding for Wildlife Management and Expenditures – Colorado

At last week’s Colorado Sportsman’s Roundtable meeting, it was emphisized that 62% of wildlife funding in the state comes from hunting and fishing license fees. This is an important number because Colorado Parks and Wildlife has been in a state of duress since they experienced $10 million budget cut a couple years ago.

The financial sustainability is a key issue at every meeting. Since the cuts, the department has been focusing on strengthening their relationships with key legislators. They need their support in order to pass key funding bills each year.

This year, the Department is hoping to get a last-minute Bill submitted, to implement a new fee structure. They’ll have to get it submitted by the end of March, so it can be heard at the Sportsman’s Caucus on the third Thursday in April.

This Bill is just a small measure to increase the Department’s revenue. Although hunters are the primary source of funding for the agency, they have been exploring alternatives for revenues. There have been many discussions as to how CPW can tap into the non-consumptive outdoor groups for funding. If you have ideas, please give me a shout our on one of the social media outlets.

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If you have ideas, you can also attend a regional roundtable meeting. It was expressed, multiple times at the event, that CPW needs to hear from the sportsmen. We need your voice, not only in discussion matters, but also in sending letters to the Legislators regarding proposed Bills.

You can find more information about Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s financial budget on their website. You’ll also find answers to many of your questions and what you can do to help.

Below is a Colorado Parks and Wildlife document, highlighting key issues of the Department’s financial dilemas.



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