Colorado Sportsmen’s Roundtable Recap

It was an agenda field day at this session of the Colorado Sportsman Roundtable meeting. If you’ve ever wondered what can a group possibly speak about for five hours on a Saturday, you need to attend one of the public meetings. In fact, we had so much to discuss we ran over a little on time. We could’ve used the entire day. Due to the number of issues and the amount of time, I will be sharing recaps throughout the week.

In our brief time together we had the opportunity to discuss several items. After introductions had been made CPW Director, Bob Broscheid, led us into the topic of the department’s finances. Financial sustainability is, and has been a hot topic due to the $10 Million in budget cuts which took effect a couple years ago.

Sportsmen’s License Plate & Outreach Materials
CPW’s Assistant Director, Gary Thorson, gave us a formal introduction of the already available, Sportsmen’s License Plate. I’ll be sharing instructions with you on how to obtain this plate, in a future post. After we learned about the fabulous plate, Mr. Thorson also reviewed the department’s outreach materials. All of which are available in district offices, as well as online.Wildlife-plate-lg

Regional Roundtable and Caucus Updates
We as CPW Sportsmen’s Roundtable members reviewed and gave updates regarding our recent caucus meetings. Key issues included access, legislative bills, and reports on the Animas River spill. We also discussed methods in which the CPW can get more people involved. Since I sit on the Southwest Region’s panel, I mentioned, our regional manager, Patt Dorsey, used video conferencing, and it increased our attendance by about double. I hope, if the department implements more video events, you’ll attend as well.

Wildlife Council Overview
We received a recap of ways the department is advertising and assessing the interest of residence in the state of Colorado. Windi Padia, Education, Partnership and Volunteer Manager, shared CPW’s recent surveys and how non-hunters perceive hunters and anglers in our state. She also shared existing programs CPW is using to portray hunters and anglers in a positive light. Look for more information on this topic in a future post.

Cameo Sport Shooting Complex
Referring to financial sustainability, CPW is currently in the escrow process of purchasing land for new construction of a huge shooting facility. This nearly 2000 acre piece will house shooting facilities, estimated to bring approximately 50,000 shooters a year to the area. Yep. I’ll be sharing details on this soon as well.

Federal and State Legislative Updates
I’m constantly keeping an eye out for bills, which will effect our hunting, shooting and fishing activities. A CPW Commission member was on site to give us an update. The list was extensive, and the debates began as Roundtable members expressed their grief or support of the updates. There will definitely be more than one update regarding this topic.


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