Lea Leggitt teams up with New Generation Outdoors

Lea Leggitt Named Colorado State Representative for New Generation Outdoors

Women's Outdoor NewsROLLA, Mo. – Nov. 6, 2014 – Women’s Outdoor News is proud to announce that Lea Leggitt, aka Little Gal, has been named as a New Generation Outdoors (NGO) state representative for Colorado. The media group’s mission is “to encourage and inspire our new generations to get involved in the education, preservation and conservative of our heritage.”

“Our state representatives are the leaders of their respective states and their main duty is to promote the mission and reach out to as many as they can, within their state, to bring them closer to the outdoors and all the great things Mother Nature has to offer. Our representatives are the nucleus of NGO. They teach respect, responsibility, patience, and many more key elements to the new and current generations of outdoor men, women and children,” said Russ Perdieu, founder of NGO.




State representatives will organize… (CLICK HERE to read more)


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