Member Alert! New Requirements for Traveling with Firearms Outside U.S.

The rules of international firearms transport change often. Always remember to check the rules before your hunting trip.

First For Hunters

firstforhuntershunteronridge1Safari Club International has received information about changes in the requirements for hunters who wish to export/bring their firearms and ammunition with them when they travel to hunt outside the United States. SCI has been researching these new requirements in order to understand exactly why these changes are going into effect and what will be required of our members who wish to travel with their firearms and ammunition to hunt in other countries. A great deal of confusion still remains, but we are attempting to present members with some of the questions being raised and the answers we have discovered so far. Please note that the information below is not intended to serve as legal advice. Before traveling, SCI members are advised to consult directly with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and/or their own legal counsel:

Q: What is now required of a hunter who wishes to export/bring his or…

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