Hunting – Always a discovery

What kinds of things do you find while you are out hunting? I find that it is always a discovery. Check out these amazing things Hank and I found while we were out looking for mountain lions.

Always keep your eyes open.

Check out this rustic windmill. It appeared to be hanging on to the side of the cliff. Rustic windmill

This is quite a balancing act. It’s a GIANT boulder that’s perched atop a smaller rock. For my golfer friends, what does it remind you of?
A golf ball on a tee?Balancing act

We also saw some amazing architecture.
Check out this old rock building. Who do you think lived here way back when? If the walls could talk.Rustic stone building

I was picturing cowboys living in the home pictured above, but look at this mountain-top manor. I’m thinking Indians (Native American) lived here.Native American stone house

I didn’t see a mountain lion that day, but WOW! There are amazing things out there!

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