Special Event with Members of theWOMA

This past weekend, Wolf Creek Outfitters  had the privilege of hosting three amazing women.  We enjoyed the company of Deb Ferns, Camp Director of Babes with Bullets, Mary Ann Dabney, Camp Cook for Babes with Bullets, and Chris Quam,  Director of Sales at HIVIZ Shooting Systems  as they came to Colorado to harvest bison.
The ladies desired bison because the meat is the best money can buy.  The animals they would be after were raised free range.  They have no antibiotics and no hormones in their systems.  Bison is one of the leanest and healthiest meat you can get.  Bison meat has a high nutritional value and is high in omega 3 fats which among other things help prevent cancer and lower cholesterol.  The ladies were excited to fill their freezers with healthy meat.
The bison harvest is not like a traditional hunt.  You can purchase a bison and have someone else harvest it, or you can enjoy the success of harvesting your own.  The ladies chose the latter and were up for the task.  They prepared by sighting in their rifles.  This was a first for Chris Quam.  She had handled handguns and shot guns prior to this event, but it was her first time to use a high-powered rifle.  She took the task serious, as every shooter should.  She sighted her rifle in and had a shot grouping with in one inch at 200 yards.  Deb had enjoyed a bison harvest in the past and knew what to expect.  She showed up with a walking cast on her foot and was prepared for the challenge of maneuvering around to get to the animals.  The boot did not slow her down.  Mary Ann is a long time hunter and just recently shot a mountain lion who was on the move during one of her hunts.  She was prepared and confident in her marksmanship to take down the bull bison as he would be the tricky one.
It took some time and it took some moving around to get into position.  The ladies followed instruction and moved from one location to another.  Finally they reached a location that would be safe and produce good shooting set ups.  The bison presented clean shots and the ladies hit their marks.   
Guide Dale with Chris, Deb and Mary Ann

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  1. Congrats to the women of the hunt, and I hear that many thanks are in order for Wolf Creek and its ability to get all this set up so it ran so smoothly.

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