Happy Father’s Day!

We’ve all got one. Some of you are one. Some have lost one. I find myself in the latter this year. I can not say it has been easy to find myself with out someone to make a plan with this year, but I do have lots of memories of the years past and of course all the good times in between the designated day.

In memory, or as my friends say, in my “therapy”, I have been on the lake a lot. Dad took us all to the lake often as kids. We would load up in our friends boat and make the 24 mile drive down the dirt road to the lake. Yep. I said “in” the boat. That was way back when, and way back when we lived on a dirt road and road in the back of the pick up truck, in the boat and even with out seat belts. It’s amazing we survived huh?! Well. I’m not saying that’s how we should do it now. I’m saying we did it then and boy did we have fun!

We would meet several of our friends and families and spend the day in the sun on the lake. Oh man! Those were good times. Dad would make sure I didn’t drown and then mom would try to untangle the rat’s nest of long hair that was not only wind-blown, but wet and of course full of briars from hiking the surrounding hills.

Haha! All of that brings a huge smile to my face and leads me to where and who I am today.

I am a lover of all things Mother Nature has to offer. Because I love her so much and know how much of a healer she is, I’ve been spending as much time as I can enjoying what she has to offer. Because of the fond memories I have of playing, camping and a little fishing, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the water.

One day this past week I caught quite a few fish. None of them record breakers, unless we’re going for world record smallest, but all fun regardless. I brought them in and tossed them back. They made my day a lot of fun and brought a smile with each little challenge of casting into the hole. I smiled with each one I moved. Smiled with each one I gently brought aboard and gently tossed back.

Thanks Dad for teaching me about the lake. It’s been good “therapy” to be there. Happy Father’s Day!!!Spending a lot of time at the lake and doing plenty of fishing.


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