Bexley Lightweight Camouflage Hunting Gear For Women

It’s preparation time for hunting season, and today I’m here to share the women’s Bexley jacket and pant set by DSG Outerwear. Women are always looking for quality hunting gear, so when one of my editors sent me information regarding this company, I had to look into it and share it with you. Links …

Tips for Staying Cool During Early-Season Hunts at the WON

Staying cool can be a challenge. I remember one summer my husband and I headed to the hunting blind for shade. About an hour later I looked over at a flushed-faced man. When I spoke, he looked distant and dizzy. He felt sick and his heart was pounding. It occurred to me, “He’s near heatstroke. Never mind a buck; I’m going to have to figure out how to pack out my husband.”

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