Tips for Staying Cool During Early-Season Hunts at the WON

We’re in the prairie, at temperatures topping 100 degrees, for an early archery-season antelope hunt. If you’ve ever been to or through the prairie, you know there isn’t much in the way of trees or shade. That means it’s extremely tough to stay cool during a summertime hunt.

LG and I enjoy spot-and-stalk hunting, so a typical morning hunt includes crawling through buffalo grass, sage, yucca and cactus in sweltering heat. We attempt to outsmart animals, on their own level. But just like the animals, we need to be smart enough to survive the extreme temperatures.

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Staying cool can be a challenge. I remember one summer my husband and I headed to the hunting blind for shade. About an hour later I looked over at a flushed-faced man. When I spoke, he looked distant and dizzy. He felt sick and his heart was pounding. It occurred to me, “He’s near heatstroke. Never mind a buck; I’m going to have to figure out how to pack out my husband.”


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How to prevent heatstroke

According to the American Red Cross, it’s best to postpone outdoor activities during times of excessive heat. However, this hunt only lasts so long, so we’ll be hunting and need to be prepared while we’re out there. During First Aid courses, we learned it’s important to use the buddy system when temperatures are extreme. Always remember to keep an eye on your buddy.

How to stay cool

The best way to prevent heatstroke is to stay hydrated. We also head for the blinds in the heat of the day, because it’s the only shade around. ….. CLICK HERE to read more.

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