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046 MAC PodcastThis week Mia and Lea share tips on easy ways to keep your gun clean and functioning properly. Pay attention because you’ll hear stories on what not to do and experiences to learn from. They also give you some awesome snack ideas for your college, hunting, or hiking adventures. Lea tells her story of how she turned to healthy snacks and foods to keep her in tip-top competition and hunting shape.

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MAC Outdoors Podcast:

The dynamic mother/daughter duo share their hunting, shooting, and outdoor adventures. You’ll find tips, tricks, lessons, and tales from the trail. Mia is a mom, hunting guide, writer, and vlogger who lives on a ranch in Colorado. Her daughter, Lea, also a guide, is a passionate young hunter who’s in the first year of her college journey. TUNE IN because you never know what obstacles and inspiration they’ll encounter as they head outside for new adventures.

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046 MAC Outdoors

Protecting Shotguns Afield

Holiday dinners and get togethers are right around the corner, which of course means lots of food. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to make this time of year is a fresh duck, goose or turkey. That means we’ll be heading afield to harvest birds for dinner.Mia&thelittlegal_duck

Find a link to Apricot Glazed Duck below.

We’ll be in boats, creeks and streams, but our friends down south will be in marshes and swamps so we have to make sure to take care of our shotguns.

Before hunting season we go through our gear, making sure we have items that will keep us dry and warm. We also clean our firearms and get them ready. We hunt near moisture because of course, that’s where you find waterfowl, but since it’s winter oftentimes we’re also in some pretty foul weather. It’s important to protect our guns from moisture as well.

One of the instance I’ve seen happen is that you become so busy that sometimes you don’t properly clean and dry the gun as you should. Sometimes it’s because you come in freezing cold and simply hurry to take care of the bird and warm up. You think, “I’ll do that after I warm up.” Then one thing leads to another and the gun becomes hindsight.

Flambeau Outdoors gave me a product to test, and it’s so easy to utilize that guess what? I’m actually using it. I’ve started putting these in my gun cases and float bags. It’s called Stop Rust and it’s a vapor capsule. The effective radius is about two feet, so it’s perfect for a bag or gun case.




These can also be placed inside your safes, tackle and  tool boxes. The capsule attracts moisture vapors to stop rust before it has a chance to start.

Stop Rust prevents rust and corrosion for up to two years. It’s non-toxic. It’s odorless and it is FDA approved.

They also have a gun plug that we put in a couple of the barrels of the firearms in our gun safe. It’s a little peg and it has the Rust Stop element in the bottom of it. You just pop it in the muzzle of your rifle and put the rifle away. You can also keep it in the muzzle of your gun while you have it in the gun case or sleeve.

*Note: Always make sure firearms are safe and unloaded prior to inserting a peg into the barrel.

A big issue for my waterfowl hunting friends down south is that they’re around saltwater. They’re definitely going to have rust-causing moisture around their guns. We need to remember that moisture is not a friend of our guns . We have to clean and dry them as much as possible. With this Rust Stop, once you’ve done that, you simply pop in a peg and you’re ready to store it away.

You can leave the peg in the muzzle while you have it in your float case and
it will help absorb the moisture. Best of luck in bringing home some tasty meals. Remember to dry that gun and keep safe and healthy for a long time.


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Basics of Handgun Safety e-Book

Did you read my past post “Don’t be afraid, be educated“? If so, you know I feel EVERYONE should be educated in firearm handling whether or not they own one. Here is a great read I found via Kalkomey, educators in safety. What are your thoughts of firearm safety education? Have you taken some courses or read any books?

Kalkomey.comNew E-book Teaches the Basics of Handgun SafetyA new e-book, Today’s Handgun Safety Basics, will help the hundreds of thousands of new firearms owners learn about handgun safety and how to  improve their shooting. This handgun safety e-book features easy-to-understand language and realistic illustrations and is available for download atAmazonBarnes and Noble and the Apple Store.”With so many people buying a handgun for the first time, we felt it was important they have access to basic information about how to safely use and enjoy handguns,” said Kurt Kalkomey, president of Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc. “This book is ideal for new shooters whether they’ve bought a handgun for self protection or to use it for hunting, plinking or target shooting.”

 Today’s Handgun Safety Basics e-book covers the 
following topics:
  • The difference between revolvers and pistols
  • Matching ammunition to the handgun
  • Handgun safety mechanisms
  • How to safely clean, store and transport handguns
  • How to load and unload handguns
  • Basic shooting techniques
 “Whether or not your state requires safety training, all handgun owners have a responsibility to learn about safe firearms handling,” Kalkomey said. “Handgun education can prevent accidents and save lives.”
Today’s Handgun Safety Basics is an excellent resource for handgun owners and those planning to purchase a handgun or take a class for a concealed-carry permit or license.


Handgun e-book cover

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Advertisements on this site do not express or represent the opinion of MAC Outdoors or Mia Anstine.