Mia’s Work

I contribute to a variety of publications. I often share stories and tips for the hunting, shooting or outdoor communities. My goal is always to inspire others to get outside, hunt, fish, shoot, and survive life with others in a positive way.

 Armed Lutheran Radio
I am a featured contributor at the Armed Lutheran podcast. Listen up for tips about hunting, shooting, concealed carry, travel, firearms safety, and whatever else motivates me on that particular week.
Beretta USA Blog
At Beretta Blog, I share hunting and shooting tips, how-to’s, gear, and other advice. Follow me as we travel around the world for grand adventures.
Sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, during this YouTube series I roaved the country, looking for inspirational women to speak out and to educate our population about the importance of the Second Amendment in the United State’s elections.
MAC Outdoors Podcast

Each week my daughter and I share hunting, shooting, and outdoor adventures. You’ll find tips, tricks, lessons, and tales from the trail. TUNE IN because you never know what obstacles and inspiration we’ll encounter as e head outside for new adventures.

 Outdoor Channel


North American Hunter


NRA Publications

I’m a freelance writer/contributor to various NRA publications, including NRA Blog, NRA Insights, NRA Family, and others. Most articles I’ve penned are how-to’s and encouragement for including the next generation in the tradition of shooting sports.

Western Whitetail Magazine

Western Whitetail is an online publication and ezine where I pen two columns, Gear for Gals and Comfort Zone, in which I share reviews about gear for women as well as tips to encourage hunters to get out of their ‘comfort zones’.

Mia & the Little Gal at Women’s Outdoor News

I formerly penned ‘Mia & the Little Gal’ at the WON. I shared hunting, shooting, fishing, adventures, tips, advice, gear, and more. When I retired from this publication, it was proudly sponsored by Remington Arms Company.

Miscellaneous Publications

I’ve contributed to a variety of other publications, including safety tips, sponsored by NSSF and more.

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