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Mini Phantom Combo Kit

Product review by OutdoorChannel.com contributor, Mia Anstine, of Wolf Creek Outfitters

mini Phantom with mini Phantom speaker
mini Phantom with detachable/optional speaker

I was excited to head to the post office counter yesterday with my yellow slip. In our little town that, of course, means you have a package to pick up! I handed the piece of paper to the man on the other side of the counter with a big smile and then stood there to wait. He came around the corner with a box and blandly stated, “more hunting things.” I immediately knew what was inside. It was going to be my new mini Phantom combo kit from Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls. An electronic predator call which I planned to try it out on the coyotes that have been lurking around looking for our turkey. They are continually waking me up in the evening just after I fall asleep and in the morning just before the alarm has a chance to sound.  READ MORE

Under Armour Quest

Product review by OutdoorChannel.com contributor, Mia Anstine, of Wolf Creek Outfitters

Under Armour ® Women's Camo Quest jacket & pants
Under Armour ® Women’s Camo Quest jacket & pants

I am so excited to see that Under Armour ® has come out with a line of ladies hunting clothing. Under Armour is paying attention and has taken note that women are driving the industry in purchases. It is more than just pink accents to attract our attention. Under Armour has created a full line of quality, practical hunting clothing specifically fitting the physique of a lady. One item I often hear ladies asking for is breathable, water proof cold gear. Apparently, Under Armour heard them also. Under Armour’s ® answer to ladies breathable/waterproof cold gear is their upcoming “Quest” line. The line includes ArmourStorm ® technology which gives the huntress single wall core insulation. The benefit of single wall technology of course is it eliminates the traditional bulk of cold weather gear. With tapered seams and various adjustable features, the Quest pieces are ideal for layering.


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