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Have you dreamed of hunting out west, deep-sea fishing, traveling overseas, or some other item? Listen to the new year’s inspiration MAC Outdoors podcast episode where Mia shares steps to attaining that goal or dream.

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Do you dream of elk hunting out west? Do you have a dream vacation, a dream fishing trip or other item? Fill in the blank, I dream of _______. There you go. Now you have a target.
Make a list of how you’ll reach your dream, target or goal.

Did you make a longer list of “why not” than why or how? If you did, then you just gave yourself permission to not reach that goal.

What if you just gave yourself permission to REACH THAT GOAL? What if you gave yourself permission to succeed?! You CAN do it.

I know the number one reason is money. What if you decided that nothing is going to stop you, not even money.

  1. Calculate how much it’s going to cost and look at when you plan to go. Divide the cost out by the length of time until you plan to go. Now you have a set number. Add that item to your budget.
  2. Is your budget already too tight? Is that the excuse? Limit the excuses. Get another job, eliminate another expense. Look for ways to reduce your monthly costs.—Maybe you need to work on eliminating other bills first.
  1. Stop creating debt—Don’t use credit to pay for your trips, gear or vacations. Budget a way to pay off any other debt you may have as well.
  2. Work on other areas of this dream/goal along the way. If you’re planning an elk hunt, you may need to get in shape. You may need to practice with your rifle or bow. Work on this while you’re saving so that you’ll have a greater chance for a successful hunt once you get there—you will get there.
  3. Give yourself a mantra to work by. If you’re needing a way to save money for the dream, your mantra maybe, “I don’t spend money on daily coffee,” or “I don’t need item x to keep up with the neighbors.” Whatever the key is, write it down. Make it a point of focus that will draw you back to your goal. Maybe it’s, “I don’t need to buy that gun this year because I already have the ones I need.” I give this one because I like to add to my collection but it’s not a necessity to add to the collection.—MAYBE your dream is to have that special gun, then, of course, you’re going to buy the gun, so your mantra might be, “I don’t need that new jacket, boots, to eat out, or some other non-necessary item. Make it specific to you.
  4. Tell yourself how you can do it. List the ways how you can succeed.
    Focus on those and you WILL SUCCEED.
  1. Stay on track and check back in with your dream. Add it to your calendar and set it as a reminder. You may want to check in monthly, quarterly, or at another point along the way. Make it specific to your destination, but make sure you come back and assess your progress. If you’re not doing as well as you’d planned, you may want to find a friend or family member to check in with. Find someone to whom you can be accountable, maybe your hunting partner or a business associate, and check-in with them for further inspiration. Make sure it’s someone who can help you focus on the goal.
  2. Focus on the HOW I CAN and stop with the excuses. If you say you can, you will, but if you focus on how you can’t—you won’t.

If you need additional help with your progress, schedule an appointment and we’ll work on a plan for you to reach that goal.

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Mia Anstine is an outdoor writer, licensed outfitter, hunting guide, life coach, keynote speaker, and a range safety officer, firearms instructor, and archery instructor. She is the founder of MAC Outdoors and Host of the MAC Outdoors Podcast. 

Mia Anstine strives to encourage others to outdoors, hunt, fish, shoot, and survive life with others in a positive way.

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