Endurance, Mountains and Lions | MAC Outdoors Podcast

Endurance, Mountains and Lions


Welcome to Episode 002 of the MAC Outdoors Podcast with Mia and Lea. This week the duo catches you up on a few more SHOT Show happenings. Lea’s feeling better, but not quite good enough to be tagging along with Mia. Why? Because Mia’s been chasing mountain lions in Colorado. They share the story, plus they give you some tips for deer and elk hunting out West. Subscribe and stay tuned for more as they’ll be sharing more gear and hunting tips with you.

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Tune in each week as the dynamic mother/daughter duo share their adventures. You’ll find tips, tricks, lessons and tales from the trail. Mia is a mom, hunting guide, writer and vlogger who lives on a ranch in Colorado. Her daughter, Lea, also a guide, is a passionate young hunter who’s finishing high school and prepping for the journey to college. TUNE IN because you never know what obstacles and inspiration they’ll encounter as they head outside for new adventures.

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