Checking In on Day 14 of the Year

Would you look at that? We’re already two weeks into the new year. How’s that going for you so far? I’m still partaking in the write everyday challenge, but as I mentioned a few posts ago, I’m sharing with you here and not in the group where I initially started the challenge.

So far the endeavor of writing everyday has been just what I needed. It’s a kick in the pants so to speak. The number of ideas are endless and wrangling them in is probably more difficult than writer’s block, but the more I write the more they come into place. It’s just what I needed.

My view today as I headed over the mountain passes to Denver, Colorado

Today I spent several hours driving. I’ll be in Denver for a couple of days as I head to the first Commission meeting of the year and then to Sportsmen’s Day at the Capitol. I’m hoping to speak at the meeting, in respect to limiting archery elk hunting pressure in the area of the state where I live.

At the Capitol, I plan to visit with other sportsmen but also to make acquaintances with more of my legislators. I’ll have to give you a post-event recap in between this trip and before I head to SHOT Show.

So far, the year is treating me good. My tasks are falling into place. The words are falling on the page and on the computer screen. I hope yours is going well also.

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