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UPDATE – Oct. 13, 2018
I cannot suggest this book as I’m listed as “endorsing” it prior to ever reading the book or any part of it. There are actions that specifically violate the safety rules, which I teach in my hunter ed and firearms courses. Additionally, unethical means of take are listed in the stories and in the tips. I will not further review the book.

I read a book last week at hunting camp. Yes, I read a lot of books and have an ever-growing list of books to read. Friends suggest them all the time. I buy them and read them in no particular order. However, I purchased ‘Yes, I Hunt’ as soon as it became available on Amazon. I met the author, Dawn V. Obrecht, MD at a Babes with Bullets camp in Steamboat Springs many years ago.

Dawn was curious about hunting, polite and asked a lot of questions. I learned that she’s a former emergency room doctor who consults in addiction medicine. She was also, at the time, a vegetarian that met a man who piqued her curiosity about hunting. Now she’s written a book about her journey into hunting and the adventures she’s had along the way.

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I’ve heard from Dawn off and on since the women’s shooting camp. A time or two she told me she was writing a book. More recently she asked if I had a recipe or two that I might share with her to put in the book. I happily obliged as I’m so proud of her.

Now, I have her book in hand and plan to give it a read. If you’d also like to read, you can click the image above or click and order the book here – Yes, I Hunt. I’m not endorsed by Dawn or her publisher, but the link is my Amazon affiliate. I think it’ll be interesting to get into the mind of a former vegan, hunter, and the journey she’s taken. I look forward to your thoughts, discussion and reaction.



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  1. My hunting buddy always used to shake his head and laugh when I’d crack open a book in camp.
    Now he usually has one or two.
    May have to give this one a try.

  2. HA-HA! I read while we’re hunkered down during hail storms or if we have a mid-day break. If you do try this one, let’s circle back and share some thoughts.

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