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I read a book last week at hunting camp. Yes, I read a lot of books and have an ever growing list of books to read. Friends suggest them all the time. I buy them and read them in no particular order. However, I purchased ‘Yes, I Hunt’ as soon as it became available on Amazon. I met the author, Dawn V. Obrecht, MD at a Babes with Bullets camp in Steamboat Springs many years ago.

Dawn was curious about hunting, polite and asked a lot of questions. I learned that she’s a former emergency room doctor who consults in addiction medicine. She was also, at the time, a vegetarian that met a man who piqued her curiosity about hunting. Now she’s written a book about her journey into hunting and the adventures she’s had along the way.

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I’ve heard from Dawn off and on since the women’s shooting camp. A time or two she told me she was writing a book. More recently she asked if I had a recipe or two that I might share with her to put in the book. I happily obliged as I’m so proud of her.

Now, I have her book in hand and plan to give it a read. If you’d also like to read, you can click the image above or click and order the book here – Yes, I Hunt. I’m not endorsed by Dawn or her publisher, but the link is my Amazon affiliate. I think it’ll be interesting to get into the mind of a former vegan, hunter, and the journey she’s taken. I look forward to your thoughts, discussion and reaction.



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3 thoughts on “Yes, I Hunt – Read With Me

  1. My hunting buddy always used to shake his head and laugh when I’d crack open a book in camp.
    Now he usually has one or two.
    May have to give this one a try.

  2. HA-HA! I read while we’re hunkered down during hail storms or if we have a mid-day break. If you do try this one, let’s circle back and share some thoughts.

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