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We spent the past week touring around Lincoln, Neb. with our colleagues from the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA). I’ve been a member for somewhere around a decade. I first joined as my writing career began to bloom and I wanted to learn more about the “rules.” The organization has filled those needs and beyond.

I met so many people in the industry who’re willing to help me grow, teach me the ins and outs, be sounding boards and help me connect with others. POMA fit the bill then and it keeps giving into the present.

Over a year ago a couple of industry friends nominated me to run for a seat on POMA’s board of directors. I’ll admit, at first I hesitated. Then I paused and thought, “So many people in this organization have helped me. It’s time for me to give back to this venue.”

That’s what we do, right? We have to always give back, and we have to be mentors. I ran and was voted onto the board last year. This year at the annual conference I moved into the treasurer’s seat and continue to attempt to mentor others in the industry as well as the outdoors, hunting, shooting and fishing.

POMA’s annual conference is a time to network, attend breakout sessions, view and get our hands on partner corporation’s products. You can view some of the fun in the photos below.

Companies represented:

  • Allen Company
  • Alps Outdoorz
  • Birchwood Casey
  • Brenton USA
  • Brownell’s
  • Crimson Trace
  • Bergarra
  • Nightforce
  • Nissan Armada
  • Pulsar
  • Sightmark



2 Replies to “Mentors, Camps and Range Time – POMA”

  1. Mia,
    It looks like the only way I would qualify for membership in POMA is under VI

    “VI. CORPORATE PARTNER – MEDIA STAFF MEMBER (CP Media Staff Member): A non-voting media membership open to full-time staff members of existing Corporate Partners (CPs). These staff members must develop editorial content for direct consumption by the public. This classification does not include public relations or corporate communications personnel. They are listed under the CP’s business listing. Staff members join through the CP’s primary membership but are listed in the media directory. They are identified as Corporate Partner Media Staff Members.”

    As I’m in unpaid writer for The Truth About Guns.

    Would it be worth my while to join POMA?
    I’m semi retired and oddly, work in the knife industry. But I’ve got decades in the firearms stuff.

    You piqued my interest.


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