Your Connection to Nature

What is your connection to nature? How often do you go outside? Do you live in the city? Have you found a walking trail, park or sidewalk with trees or plants growing alongside? Do you share it with others?

I ran the hills behind our rural home when I was a youngster. Later, as a teenager, I lived in the big city of San Diego. My grandmother planted flowers in the beds alongside her house. I remember finding critters or creatures roaming among them. There were pigeons nested in the palms out front. My grandfather battled the skunks that foraged in his beautiful green lawn. They created nature right there in their yards.

Snails-flower-bed-Nature-in-the-city-MAC WordPress Feature
This post isn’t about snails. They’re just one small part of the beautiful outdoors. You can find beautiful plants and flowers all around them.

I found ponds where I saw ducks and geese. I discovered walking and running trails around lakes. I located beautiful neighborhoods with Torrey pines, palm trees and even areas where there were groves. Heck. Did you know there are even plants in the deserts of California and along the sandy beaches? Nature is everywhere.

My friend Trent shared this video (See below) on Facebook. I had to watch it because Nature Valley is a company of which I’ve admired for many years. I noticed there are many thumbs down on the video. There are many negative comments. “Why?” I’ll tell you. “It’s because of technology.”

You see, it’s not just the young who are trapped by technology anymore. It’s the old and everyone in between too. The people who are watching this video are on their devices. It’s a sad thing to someone like me, who strives to get people outside. Many live in urban areas. They haven’t gotten a chance to experience nature and some don’t get to see it.

Go notice the one flower that’s growing through the crack in the concrete. Look at the hedges on the way to class. Take some pictures. Let’s make it a goal. Can we share at least one thing from nature this week? Post them on your social sites. There is a lot out there. Go see it. Share it. What do you find in nature?

Hey, Mom. I know you used to teach this to me. Get off your keester, quit playing farming games, and go look at the grass that’s already sprouting. Spring is here. Go experience it. You can play a game later.

With love and a small smile, Mia.


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