Reasons to Carry Concealed Firearms

Tactics of Concealed Carry

The reasons I carry may be different than the reasons you choose to carry. Therefore the gun I choose also may be different than the one you choose. Let’s check it out.

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Initially, my primary use for firearms is for hunting purposes. Over the years the collection has grown and so has the motivation for gun ownership. While I enjoy hunting with, plinking with and collecting firearms, I also have many which are suited for self-defense. Most of my friends own firearms and carry for self-defense purposes. While this has become an aspect of my concealed carry motives, it’s not the initial reason I took a concealed carry class.

mia-anstine-wearing-layers-camouflage-hunting-hank-anstine-photoMy concealed carry gun is of adequate size and caliber to use while I’m hunting, so it’s not most people’s idea of an ideal handgun to conceal. Hunting is the initial purpose, but self-defense is a secondary cause for having it.

Usually, when I’m pursuing wild animals through the woods, my pistol is securely strapped to my side. Often times, it ends up under a jacket as I layer up during cold weather temperatures. This is why I took a concealed carry class. Although I’m carrying solely for self-protection, these reasons and techniques for parallel.

Hunting vs. Self-Defense



I’m always aware of the gun’s location on my body and have rehearsed quick-draw techniques for producing my gun from beneath layers of hunting clothes, suites or everyday clothing. While hunting, I’m prepared in the event my target comes into view and is moving by rapidly. I’ve also mentally prepared for an aggressive animal threatening my life. 


The rehearsal with my pistol also includes any possible encounter with an aggressive human. Being a woman alone, or with my daughter, in the woods makes me a somewhat vulnerable target to would-be attackers. Do I foresee being attacked? No. Not really. Not by human nor animal, but I always try to be prepared for all scenarios. I’d rather have my gun and not need to use it than have an unexpected experience and not know what to do.prepare-for-emergencies-mia-motivationsA huge part of carrying is the responsibility that goes along with it. Just as, while I’m hunting, I need to know if the bear or lion is of appropriate age or sex before a shot is fired. I also need to be absolutely certain that my life’s in danger before brandishing my firearm in the event of a human assailant. Whether I’m in the woods or not, I always look to avoid confrontation. Always be aware of your surroundings. Remember to trust your instincts. Get out of the area before things escalate.

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