How To Get Her Involved in Hunting and Shooting

My husband was out and about today and ran into a technician at the gun store, who we deal with quite frequently. This gentleman asked how he could get his wife into shooting and maybe even hunting.

My husband was excited because he saw the opportunity to make new friends that have similar interests, as well as an opportunity to give a newbie a positive experience.  

Women’s panel of experienced archery hunters. From left, Keri Butt, Mia Anstine, Kelly Heard, Jana Waller, Michele Eichler.

Honestly, that question, “how do I get my wife involved” is one I get pretty often.

I remember speaking on a women’s panel at an archery show. There were more men than there were women in the audience. It intrigued me because since it’s a women’s panel, you would think women might want to listen and ask questions. Guess what else? Most of those men in the audience asked us questions on how to get the women in their lives involved or how to make their lives easier in shooting sports and hunting. We had answers.

Include Her
One way to get your wife or maybe even your daughter or friend involved is to include them. They get a taste of what’s happening if you include them. They have an opportunity to ask questions, and they can decide whether or not it’s something they might like to do.

I have a few friends whose wives aren’t against hunting, but they don’t want to hunt. They enjoy tagging along on hunts, and they love having organic meat. A bonus is that they’re spending quality husband-wife time together. So take them along.

Find Mentors
Another way you might be able to get her interested is to find mentors. Find some women who are already involved in the sports you like. Maybe it’s 3-gun. Maybe it’s shooting trap. Maybe it’s sporting clays or even someone who’s shooting long-range. There are women in these fields that are great mentors. Follow them on social media, find their website, find them on YouTube and share them. Let your wife know that the women do not enamor you. Maybe tell her, “look at what this girl is doing.” Hopefully, she’ll follow or ask questions and even want to become involved too.

I mentioned I was speaking at a trade show take. Do you go to shows? Take her along with you. Let her meet some of these women who are mentoring others. Many of these award-winning shooters or famous hunters are genuinely down-to-Earth people. It’s nice to meet them and talk to them in person, and I tell you, most of them are so encouraging to others. It will help the woman in your life want to become involved because they see a woman who’s already involved.


I have to touch on the topic of positive reinforcement. I know many men try to teach women in their lives themselves. Often this doesn’t turn out as wonderful as this well-intentioned man had envisioned.

The Last tip I’ll give you is to sign them up for a class. Take the time to look up women’s Firearms classes or groups. Find a class or a camp that she can go to where she can be with other women who are in her shoes

Inclusion, mentors, and classes! Find it. Good luck, be safe! Have fun!

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