“Who eats lion?” – Opinion

In response to an Opinion piece, regarding hunting lions in Colorado. Read here – http://www.denverpost.com/opinion/ci_28964290/guest-commentary-yes-we-hunt-lions-sport-colorado

Mia-AnstineMs. Mitchell,
I eat lion. In fact, it tastes pretty good and doesn’t need to be steeped for hours.

No, I’ve never killed one. Just because hunters use dogs to pursue mountain lions, does not mean the hunt is easy. I would invite you to ask one of the guides to allow you to tag along on a hunt so you can know what you are speaking of. I’ve hunted many animals and deem mountain lion hunting, in Colorado to be one of the toughest hunts I’ve ever attended. 



One fact I noted when I attended a mountain lion hunt, and wildlife officials attest, is the use of dogs allows sportsmen to identify male, female and even kittens. It also allows them to catch and release. Dogs can be viewed as useful in this respect. Yes, these hounds men DO RELEASE treed quarry because, with the hounds, they have this option. Without the K-9 assistants, they would never have this option but would have to simply identify something after it had expired. 


Moreover, you should open your perspective to realize hunters are sportsmen who contribute immensely to wildlife management and do not wish to have any animal, EVER, become extinct.

Ranchers want their livestock protected. Families want their housepets safe. This can be attained by responsible game management. It doesn’t mean any animal should be eliminated. It means we can have healthy populations of all animals.
We should trust the wildlife biologists, who have degrees in this area, and KNOW wildlife management. They also do not want any animal population eliminated. 

To speak of a “sport” of which you have no firsthand knowledge is simply a display of hearsay and emotion.

Mia Anstine

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