Turkey Hunting Trilogy

If you’re not already pursuing wild turkeys, you may be doing so soon. That’s why I’ve shared a trilogy of hunting tips over at Beretta for you. Where are you at in this turkey hunting season? Have you bagged a bird? Has your season begun? Are you counting the days? Do you have all your gear? ~Mia


How to Outfit the Best Turkey Hunting Vest

Dampen wintertime doldrums by prepping your vest for spring turkey hunting season. While many people’s yards are buried in snow, others are looking at uber warm temps. Then there are those who are simply dreaming of a strutting, drumming tom.


If you’re among those who either pursue turkeys in the springtime or who would like to, then you’d better get your gear ready. While a turkey hunting vest isn’t mandatory, it’s highly recommended. […]  CLICK TO READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE AT BERETTA USA

Advice for the First-time Turkey Hunter

Turkey hunting seasons are opening all around the country. I’m on various social media outlets, and the other day a follower asked me a question, “What advice would you have for a lady who is a first-time turkey hunter?”


A million thoughts went through my mind as I read the request. My first thoughts included a lot of questions, which would narrow down specifics to her scenario. Then I considered, “How about some advice, not just for the lady who wants to hunt, but for men as well.” […] CLICK TO READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE AT BERETTA USA

Patterning Your Shotgun for Turkey Hunting

There’s more than one reason to pattern a shotgun before you head out on a turkey hunt. One is to make sure the gun is shooting where it’s supposed to; the other is to make sure the shooter is shooting where he, or she, is supposed to.


Taking shots during turkey hunting is a bit different than those during waterfowl season. When you’ve got just one shot on a big bird, you want to make sure it’s a good one. Take your Beretta Turkey shotgun to the range and make sure you know where it’s hitting. Aim it at a turkey target, so you can verify the pattern impact where you aim.  […] CLICK TO READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE AT BERETTA USA

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