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Savage Arms 11/111 Lady Hunter – A Rifle for the ‘Little Lady’

Posted by: Mia Anstine , January 30, 2015

Mia Anstine reviews the Savage Arms 11/11 Lady Hunter, the perfect rifle for the “little lady.”

Savage-Arms-11/111-Lady-Hunter-at-Womens-Outdoor-NewsThe day I went to pick up the Savage Arms 11/111 Lady Hunter, my FFL dealer beamed. He opened the box and displayed the petite .243-caliber rifle, which was said to be designed for women. We felt pleased with the size, the recoil pad and especially the balance of the wood-stocked rifle. I completed my paperwork and headed home. He reminded me to let him know what I thought; we both know a lot of women who may want a rifle like this one.

I mounted a scope and bore-sighted it, then headed to the range. With the rifle mounted in a sled, I fine-tuned the optics. I immediately smiled at how smooth the bolt ran. The magazine, which holds 4 rounds, loaded and mounted with ease. I test-fired one round at a time and after zeroing the rifle, I went to hunt-scenario rehearsal.

I planned to use the Savage Lady Hunter in an upcoming… (CLICK HERE to read more)



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