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How to get in shape for spot-and-stalk hunting

Posted by: , September 4, 2014

Year after year family, friends and even strangers ask LG and me the same question, “How will I survive hunting in the mountains?” The answer to that question is as simple as the answer to living a long life. Be healthy and get in shape.

How to be healthy and get in shape for spot-and-stalk hunting:


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Eat healthy
A healthy life requires healthy eating. We know you may be tempted by potato chips, brownies and soft drinks, but they really do nothing more than satisfy a momentary temptation. They also don’t give you any energy for the work out routine you’re going to need to embark on.

Alternatives include homemade sweet potato chips, dried fruits and nuts or fruit infused water. 

Get rest
A big complaint, or rather excuse, for not exercising is being too tired. Rest is necessary for a body to rejuvenate after you expend energy. The problem is a sedentary life, or too much rest, leads to laziness. The more active you become, the more … (CLICK HERE to read more)



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