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6 Ways to Survive a High Mountain Elk Hunt

By Mia Anstine

There is nothing like chasing bugling bull elk up in the mountains. If you have ever been on a high mountain elk hunt, you know the type of shape you need to be in. If you haven’t been lucky enough to do such a hunt need to know what to be prepared for when you get there.

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1. Prepare

When you are getting in shape for a high mountain hunt you have to consider several things. The air will be thinner so it will be harder to breathe. You will most likely be climbing steep un-even terrain. You will be carrying guns/bows, packs, binoculars and other gear. You have to be quick and quiet as you sneak up on an animal. Ultimately, you want to be in the best shape to perform at high elevations and still make an accurate, ethical shot on your target.

2. Be in shape

We all know how to get in shape. If you look around the internet, you will find thousands of methods. Choose the one that is your favorite, and like the Nike slogan says, “Just Do It”. Stay focused in cardio training, muscle strengthening, proper nutrition and always work on shooting form. If possible, tr….. (CLICK HERE to read more of this article)


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