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You definitely need to head over to the Women’s Outdoor News and follow the Adventures. We share the adventures of Mia and the Little Gal there. We share highlights from my and my daughter’s (the Little Gal of LG) life. We share tips, tricks, recipes and advice for hunting, fishing, shooting, archery and other things outdoors. Here are a few to get you started:

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Hunting-Know-where-to-go-orienteering-mapping-gps4 ways to know where you can go – on orienteering and GPS hunting maps

Mia & the Little Gal: Mia Anstine shares tips for using GPS hunting maps.

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7-questions-with-Melissa-Bachman7 questions with Melissa Bachman

Mia Anstine and the Little Gal interview Melissa Bachman about her hunting adventures.

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fly-fishing-essentials-for-womenFly-fishing essentials for women

Mia Anstine shares her list of fly-fishing essentials for women anglers.

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Questions-to-ask-when-hunting-abroadQuestions to ask before hunting abroad

Mia Anstine shares tips on how to prepare for hunting abroad.

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Visit our Mia & LG at the Women’s Outdoor News tab for an extended list of topics.

We always look forward to encouraging others to get outside. If there is ever a topic you would like to hear more about let us know.

We would also enjoy hearing some of your outdoor stories. How did your mom or dad get you outside? How have you gotten your kids into hunting, fishing or shooting? What is your most memorable moment in the outdoors? If you could put a value on the time you spend with friends, family or loved ones outside, how much would it be worth? Tell us all about the gun and adventures you and your loved ones have.

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