Mule Deer – Playground Buck

It’s been a fun weekend. LG and I were pretty busy, but it seemed everywhere we went there were mule deer. She practiced volleyball with a friend at our local park, and these deer didn’t even give she or her friend a second look.

Check out this “playground buck”. Do you think he was going to hop on the slide?playgroundbuck

I caught him rubbing his musk glands when his lady friend wasn’t looking. Nope. He’s not squatting. He’s just “applying a little cologne” for her. Mule deer have two glands beneath black, furry spots on their back legs. They will urinate a little on these spots to enhance the scent from the glands. They rub their legs together to secrete the scent (pheromone). It’s a way of expressing dominance, especially during rut (mating season).Mule deer buck muck gland

He and his lady friend were headed up the road. Just after “playing basketball”. I did not witness it myself, but I’ve heard what that is code for.

Mule deer doe & buck rutting Colorado

Do you think he’s pouting because it was time to leave?Mule deer buck Colorado

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