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Break time! I’m sitting in the woods having lunch and admiring the sights and sounds offered by Mother Nature.
I eat my lunch and I get to enjoy nature’s concert first hand.
The breeze is gently blowing. The fallen leaves crackle as they blow across her floor. The pine needles rustle and the aspen’s play!
The aspen’s play with each gentle gust. I hear a different drumming as the dried old standing trees bump against one another. There are high tones and low tones. Some are knocking and some rattling. Then the ones that are leaning, not yet fallen, begin to rub. They play the tone of a moaning trombone.
The breeze settles and then I hear it coming again. I can hear it way down the valley. It sounds like the gentle rolling of the river and then it nears an I get to hear the next song begin.

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