Sitka’s First-Ever Women’s Performance Hunting Lines

Last week at SHOT Show the first thing I found is the new women’s hunting line by Sitka. You may have thought I came across it at their booth during the show but I actually found it during Range Day.

With a slight breeze and a bit of a chill, our group took a tour of the tented booths right away. As we were saying hello’s to our friends at the POMA booth, I spied a woman shaped mannequin in the background. She sported a camouflage pattern, which I recognized right off, and with hearts covering my eyes, I made a beeline right to her. sitka-gear-first-ever-womens-performance-hunting-lines

It’s the first ever women’s Sitka line, and I tell you, the quality is that of what the industry has come to know by the manufacturer. I’m always looking for the best women’s hunting wear to share with you, so check this one out.

Sitka Gear Unveils Its First-Ever Women’s Performance Hunting Lines

sitka-logoBOZEMAN, Mont. (Jan. 4, 2017) – Sitka Gear, the leader in performance hunting apparel, introduces Sitka Women’s Gear. The all new performance layering system, designed and tested by women, will be available in Elevated IITM as well as the all-new SubalpineTM pattern.

Sitka designed the new line to give female hunters comprehensive systems specifically tailored to the female form. Sitka worked with accomplished female designers, product engineers and hunters in the time-consuming development of its Women’s Line.

“We are excited to see that more and more women are hunting. With the understanding that there was an unmet need for premium women’s gear, we’ve designed a line of products to ensure that women hunters are experiencing the same quality we produce for other audiences,” said David Brinker, Big Game Manager at Sitka Gear.


Some key features of the Sitka Women’s Collection include technical styling and fit, new integrated female specific technologies, a permanent PolygieneTM odor-control treatment, and availability in the same science-based GORETM OPTIFADETM Concealment patterns as the men’s lines, including Elevated IITM for the tree-dwelling whitetail hunter and the new SubalpineTM pattern for vegetated environments. 

The Sitka Women’s Line will be available for pre-order exclusively at on March 15, 2017.

About Sitka Gear

Sitka Gear, based in Bozeman, Montana, created and leads the technical hunting apparel category. The company is recognized for its commitment to continually improving the hunting experience and supporting wildlife conservation. Sitka Gear products work together in systems, and each piece is designed and tested by the company’s core hunters, athletes, and ambassadors. Sitka Gear is owned by W. L. Gore & Associates, an advanced materials company well known for GORE-TEX® fabrics and many other industry-leading innovations that provide durable comfort and protection to outdoor enthusiasts. Go to to learn more about how Sitka Gear helps the driven focus on their pursuits.

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Hunting Pants for Women by Girls with Guns Clothing | Mia’s Motivations

Last year when I went on a mother-daughter whitetail hunt with the folks at Remington Country, which required me to find some new Mossy Oak gear. I say “required”, but as you know, I love trying new hunting gear. This show is sponsored by Mossy Oak and Girls with Guns makes women’s hunting gear in this pattern.

My daughter is on their pro staff so she already had some of GwG’s gear, but I hadn’t worn it myself. I ordered a set of pants, shirt, and jacket so I would have everything in Mossy Oak.




Let me first tell you about the pants!

Mossy-Oak-womens-hunting-mid-w_light-w_pant_1_1024x1024One thing I noticed when the gear arrived is that it does have little pink accents, which I’m not a fan of, but they’re small enough that they’re okay.

These pants are run a bit small, which I knew because I had tried my daughter’s on first. I ordered one size up and they fit perfectly when I put them on. They do have a few significant adjustable factors to them. They have velcro at the waist so, if you have a larger rear end and a small waist, you can actually adjust the velcro so that they fit comfortably

They also have belt loops, which I just love because I tend to wear my belt with either my multi-tool, my handgun, or a rangefinder. The belt loops are a major plus. They’re very sturdy there and my gun belt fits through them.

The pants have 6 pockets. There are two large front hip pockets, two very nice size rear pockets, and two cargo pockets. The hip and rear pockets both have snap closures. The side cargo pockets have dual zippers on them. This is a feature that confused me when I first saw it. But with the zippers in two locations you can actually get into the pocket while you’re standing or sitting. If you happen to be sitting in a tree stand or in the brush you can actually zip the side zipper and reach in without any problems. That’s a really neat feature that I had never seen before.

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The ankle zippers allow you to unzip and remove the pants over your boots. They also have snaps, which allow you to adjust the pant length from 32” to 36”. I really admire the adjustment factors in these pants because of their capability to fit women of so many sizes, and you know we come in a million shapes.

Not only are these in a Mossy Oak Infinity pattern, but they’re made of a durable polyester-spandex material. The fabric fits firm but doesn’t bind or constrict your movement. Due to the time of year I hunted, I ordered these in the midweight, but GwG also makes a lightweight version. The mid has a micro-tricot lining, which offers wind and water resistance.

Overall, I love these pants. One thing I think some of my friends may not like is that they are a junior fit. They have a low rise. However, as I mentioned they do flex and move with you. I feel the rise is high enough that my backside isn’t showing when I squat or bend. Follow me on my social sites, or comment on the video below, and let me know your thoughts on these pants.

GwG Midweight Pants MSRP 129.99

GwG Lightweight Pants MSRP 109.99

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Women’s Camouflage Rain Gear by Field & Stream | Mia’s Motivations

In the coming weeks before our big game hunting seasons begin, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on pieces of hunting gear for women. Today I’ll share an important piece, which I tested last winter.

When new hunters ask what item to purchase first, I suggest camouflage rain gear.I’m always in search of waterproof gear for hunting. You can wear it over the top of anything, and it’s important to stay dry during the hunt. Here are some initial thoughts on the Field & Stream HydroProof Ultra rain gear for women.

Get outside. Explore, learn, hunt, fish, shoot, connect with nature.

I am constantly in search of rain gear, and Field and Stream sent me this camo rain gear for women, so I was excited to give it a try.

Camo-Rain-Jacket-F&S-Womens-Hydroproof-Ultra-Mia-AnstineThe Jacket
From the top, this jacket has a hood with top and side drawstrings. It cinches down tight around my face, so it doesn’t obstruct my view. It also has a cap style feature, which keeps water from dripping down your face.

I have to make a special note on this jacket, that there’s an inside zipper flap near the chin area. This is so important because it protects a lady’s face from freezing cold zippers. The zipper itself is protected by an exterior flap, which snaps over to add protection from moisture.

There are also two large front pockets to store gear, gloves or whatever you may need to access quickly. They do have zippers, which help prevent your gear from being lost in the field.

The sleeves are velcroed for easy adjustment. Velcro is not my favorite feature in hunting gear, but it does allow for fitting around your wrists or gloves. There is also a drawstring around the hip area. This keeps the jacket from riding up, or sticks from getting inside when you’re sitting in the brush, waiting on a tom turkey.

Camo-Rain-Pants-F&S-Womens-Hydroproof-Ultra-Mia-AnstineThe Pants
The pants also have a drawstring to tighten up at the waist. I do wish they had belt loops because, with the large-size hip and thigh pockets, heavy gear can weigh these pants down. I love the big zippered pockets! They have pull tabs that make it easy to zip and unzip, with frozen or gloved hands. If you hunt in extreme temperatures, you know what I’m talking about.

At the ankles, there are no zippers. This makes the pants a bit more difficult to remove over the top of my hunting boots. They do however have an adjustment snap which I found helps snug them around the boots and helps prevent the pants from riding up. That being said, the first thing you probably want to know about these britches is the length. These pants have a 31″ inseam on the size small I’m demoing.

Both the jacket and pants are lightweight and packable. They roll up small and can be stowed in your pack or saddlebags easily.

Field & Stream Camo Raingear for Women is available at Dick’s Sporting Goods
F&S Hydroproof Ultra Jacket – Realtree Camo, Size S – XL MSRP $79.99
F&S Hydroproof Ultra Pants – Realtree Camo, Size S – XL MSRP $59.99




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Day 2 at SHOT Show – Beretta, Women’s Hunting Apparel and More

Day two at SHOT Show was a whirlwind. We visited with friends at the POMA Mississippi Breakfast and then headed to meet our friends at Beretta. I sat on a panel with Lisa Marie Judy and Kim Rhode. Matteo of Beretta led us in the roundtable discussion about women and guns. You can meet the three of us by viewing the live recording – ‘The Female Side of Guns‘.


We spent the day looking for new products in women’s hunting apparel. This was quite a challenge. Head over to to see the line up we found on the show floor.


Our trusty photographer, rarely gets in on the action because we have him working so hard, but H actually got the evening off. We headed over to a women’s meet and great and he went to a media event and shot several Kriss Arms products.

Lea and I had fun at the Women’s Outdoor and Shooting Industry, ‘Birds of a Feather’ dinner. It was a bit loud, but Lea was happy to meet another youth shooter while we were there. Here she is with a 13-year-old, who is taller than her, steel target shooter from Australia.



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•NEW• Women’s Hunting Line by Girls with Guns Clothing



                                                             FOR THE PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT

Girls with Guns™ Clothing Launches NEW Hunting Apparel Line



Wichita, KS – October 25, 2014 – Hadley Development LLC. has announced an agreement to manufacture and distribute a new line of  premium hunting apparel under the Girls with Guns™ label. According to Michael Northrup, President of Hadley Development, “With the help of Jen and Norissa, we have developed one of the most functional and great-fitting lines of hunting apparel that follows the Girls with Guns™ philosophy of ‘Fashion meets Function'”.
Women and fans of the brand have been asking for years for GWG to bring a lineup of hunting apparel to market, finding the fit of their already popular fashion line to be spot-on.  With perfected fit and a passion to turn ordinary hunting garments into fashionable pieces that would function in the field, Hadley was proud to be part of this new launch featuring Mossy Oak® brand camouflage. Continue reading…


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Prois Announces Arrival of Mothwing Mountain Mimicry Camo for Women

Mia Anstine Prois Elite Field Staff; Prois Hunting;
It’s time to talk big game. It’s time to hone your bugle, grunt and rattle because it’s that time of year! Próis has the perfect piece of hunting gear that’ll help you bag that buck this season- the Próis Pro-Edition Jacket, providing all the field-proven performance features you need along with a fit you will love. !The Próis Pro-Edition Jacket is a big game hunter’s dream, and offering it in the coveted Mountain Mimicry pattern makes it the number one choice for high alpine, sheep and goat hunts. It keeps you warm, dry, concealed and prepared. The super-genius creative crew at Próis has constructed this jacket with compressed, three-ply bonded high performance fabric that stops wind and wetness…but leaves the bulkiness behind. Lined with the company’s signature nylon tricot, the form-fit design is made for a woman, but allows for plenty of room for movement and layering -making it the perfect jacket for your big game hunts.And when you thought it couldn’t be any better…it is. Other super-genius additions include a spacious lumbar compartment designed for easy access storage of lightweight gear or hand warmers that can be advantageously placed across the flanks. Scapular drop pockets are located between the shoulder blades and are designed to hold activated hand warmers for those chilly mornings. Carry your hunting essentials like calls, licenses, phone or other unmentionables in the assorted arm and deep-set zippered hand pockets. The Próis Pro-Edition Jacket in Mountain Mimicry is sheer big game hunting bliss.But wait…there is more. Silence is golden and Próis ensures the only thing that animal will hear is that final shotgun blast. Utilizing our soft tricot shell, snap down zipper sliders and magnetic closures on the arm pockets -this jacket will keep noise to a minimum. Did we mention that there is also a three-panel removable hood? OK, so it has nothing to do with silence, but it is really cool nonetheless.
The Próis Pro-Edition Jacket is machine washable- line-dry only. Available in sizes XS-XL. And if you believe camo is a color like Próis does, you’ll be ecstatic to learn this jacket is also available in Realtree AP and Advantage Max1. MSRP $229.99!
Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women
28001B US Highway 50
Gunnison, Colorado 81230
But wait…there’s more!  Much more!  Not only is the Prois Pro-Edition Jacket available in Mountain Mimicry, so is the Pro-Edition Vest, Pro-Edition Pants, Generation X Jacket and Generation X Pants!Check it out now at!
Take Pride in NOT Being One of the Guys!

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