Beretta Pistol to Feature LaserMax Laser and Light

The Beretta Pico is easy to carry and draw from concealment, states LaserMax Vice President of Sales, Kurt Worden. “Recognizing that laser sighting dramatically improves shooting performance while white light helps quickly identify a threat, we’re pleased that Beretta chose to partner with LaserMax to supply light and laser equipped housings as upgrades for the Pico. Now that the base model Pico is on store shelves, LaserMax and Beretta are poised to ship the light and laser versions this spring,” added Worden.

Firearms Training – Bigger Guns, Smaller Caliber at Beretta USA

Using Bigger Guns, Smaller Caliber for Firearms Training   I met a very nice woman at an all-ladies, new-shooter, firearms training event. She was in a group with four other women. She had never shot a pistol and was a bit hesitant at first. She watched as all the other women took a turn. They …

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