HUGE Number of Bear Incidents in Colorado

We've been discussing bears so much that we feel we need to come to a new topic on the MAC Outdoors podcast, but you'd be amazed at the number of bear incidents in Colorado this year. This is why we continue to address the topic. We've mentioned a few scenes, and the number of bears that …

Camping, Hiking, and Grizzly Bears on MAC Outdoors Podcast

Mia Anstine and Lea Leggitt share secret outdoor destinations and talk grizzly bears on this week's MAC Outdoors Podcast. In episode 021 of the MAC Outdoors Podcast with Mia and Lea the duo divulges secret high country destinations, discuss grizzly attacks, and the news of the delisting of the bears in the Yellowstone area. If you’ve …

Aggressive Black Bear Shot by Capitan Reisdent

If you encounter a bear: Stop, and back away slowly while facing the bear. Avoid direct eye contact, as the bear may consider that a threat. Do not run. Make yourself appear large by holding out your jacket. If you have small children, pick them up so they don't run. Give the bear plenty of room to escape, so it doesn't feel threatened or trapped. If a black bear attacks you, fight back using anything at your disposal, such as rocks, sticks, binoculars or even your bare hands. Aim for the bear's nose and eyes. If the bear has not seen you, stay calm and slowly move away, making noise so the bear knows you are there. Never get between a mother bear and her cubs.

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