Mia & the Little Gal

Mia & the Little Gal

The adventures of Mia Anstine and her daughter, the Little Gal or LG, formerly produced by Mia Anstine at the WON. Sponsored by Remington Arms Company.


The Little Gal Goes to Gunsite’s Defensive Handgun Course

Check out what the Little Gal did at Gunsite Academy in Mia Anstine’s column, sponsored by Remington.

Fast-Easy-Sight-Rifle-Mia-Anstine-Womens-Outdoor-NewsFast and Easy Sight In with your Hunting Rifle

Do you want to know how Mia quickly and easily sights in her rifle? Learn how in her column sponsored by Remington.

How-to-Mount-a-Scope-Mia-Anstine-Womens-Outdoor-NewsHunting Preparation—How to Mount a Scope

Mounting a premium scope will improve our chances of homing in on our targets when big-game season arrives. Mia Anstine explains how in her column sponsored by Remington.

What-Not-to-Wear-to-the-Shooting-Range-Mia-Anstine-Womens-Outdoor-NewsWhat Not to Wear to the Shooting Range

Many people mention what you should wear to a shooting range. Mia Anstine tells us what NOT to wear in her column sponsored by Remington.

Remington-870-Pump-Action-Mia-Anstine-Womens-Outdoor-NewsRemington 870 Pump-Action: A Great Shotgun for any Shooter

In her latest video, Mia Anstine shows why the Remington 870 pump-action shotgun is a prime candidate for the beginner shooter. Sponsored by the Remington Outdoor Company.

Shotgun-Learn-to-Shoot-one-Mia-Anstine-Womens-Outdoor-NewsShotgun: Here’s Where to Go to Learn to Shoot One

Do you know where to begin your adventure in shotgun shooting? Mia Anstine details sports and ways to further your shotgun experience in this video. Sponsored by Remington.

Shotgun-Competitions-Resources-to-Get-You-Started-Mia-Anstine-Womens-Outdoor-NewsShotgun Competitions: Resources to Get You Started

Mia Anstine looks toward the women of Team USA, to tell us how to pursue competitive shotgun shooting in her column sponsored by the Remington Outdoor Company.

Get-Youth-Involved-in-Archery-Mia-Anstine-Womens-Outdoor-NewsGet Youth Involved in Archery in 7 Different Ways

Archery target shooting offers a unique opportunity for children of all ages. Mia shares some ways to get them involved. Sponsored by Remington.

Family-Time-Conservation-Predator-Quest-Mia-Anstine-Womens-Outdoor-NewsBeat Winter Doldrums with Family Time, Conservation and Predator Quest

Don’t stay hidden in your house this winter. Learn how Les Johnson, host of Predator Quest, gets youth involved in the hunt. Sponsored by Remington.

Remington-Outdoor-Company-Celebrates-200-Years-Mia-Anstine-Womens-Outdoor-NewsRemington Outdoor Company Celebrates 200 Years

Mia Anstine introduces us to her new sponsor, Remington Outdoor Company. She focuses on what Remington offers women in its new lineup this year.


Wintertime Skincare for the Outdoor Adventuress
Do you hate what happens to your skin in the winter? Mia Anstine shares some tips for keeping your skin looking and feeling great. Sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing.

How-to-waterfowl-hunt-from-layout-blind-Shannon-Schwenke-mia-anstineHow to: Waterfowl Hunt from a Layout Blind
Mia Anstine shares a few tips from the experts about hunting waterfowl from a layout blind. Sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing.

how-to-big-game-hunt-shooting-positions-elk-mia-anstineHow to Ruin Your Big Game Hunt
Mia Anstine lists 4 ways to blow a bunch of cash and time during a big game hunt. Sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing.

review-pelican-catch-120-kayak-Mia-AnstineReview and Interview: Pelican Catch 120 Kayak and Margaret Kordas, Veep of Sales for Pelican International
Mia Anstine has been all over the new fishing kayak from Pelican International, and she even talked to the veep of sales, Margaret Kordas.

How-to-be-successful-on-your-hunt-shooting-positions-mia-anstine-swarovski-opticHunting 101: The Follow-Up Shot and Essentials Beforehand
Find out what you need to be practicing before you go out hunting.

activities-for-children-teal-hunt-marsh-mia-anstineTeal Hunt 2015: Making Marsh Memories
It’s more than getting your limit of tasty teal. Find out what other memories came from the marsh in Louisiana for Mia and the LG. Sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing.

How-to-stay-cool-during-antelope-early-season-hunts-mia-anstineHow to Stay Cool During Early-Season Hunts
Don’t let heat stop you from hunting. Mia Anstine gives helpful tips on how to stay cool. Sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing.

How-to-mount-antler-decor-Heritage-game-mount-mia-anstineWe Did It! DIY Decorative Old-World Trophy from Heritage Game Mounts
See what happened when Mia and the Little Gal read the directions and created a beautiful muley Legacy panel mount, courtesy of Heritage Game Mounts. What a great mother-daughter project! Sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing.

Raising-strong-daughters-self-defense-by-Mia-AnstineEmpower Your Daughter
Mama Mia details ways to empower teenage daughter as she grows up.

Bowfishing-activities-for-children-Lea-LeggittRetro WON — Mia & the Little Gal: The Little Gal Settles a Bowfishing Score
Find out why the Little Gal had to get back on the water, in her quest to conquer some carp.


Team USA’s Janessa Beaman and Redheaded Romance
Find out what happened when Mia and LG guided a turkey hunt for Olympic shotgunner Janessa Beaman! Sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing.

Lea-Leggitt-with-New-Zealand-Red-Stag-Mia-Anstine-PhotoReport from New Zealand: Hard Work Leads to LG’s Success on a Red Stag Hunt
#ThisJustHappened! Read the story of how the Little Gal tagged a monster red stag in New Zealand. Sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing.

Mia-Anstine-uses-Swarovski-Spotting-Scope-to-locate-bull-tahr-New-ZealandMia and the Little Gal – Chasing New Zealand Bul Tahr
Mia Anstine fills us in on the details of her recent bull tahr hunt in New Zealand. Sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing.

Mia-Anstine-shares-Must-Haves-for-International-Travel-at-Womens-Outdoor-News‘Must Haves’ You Didn’t Think of for International Travel
Are you itching to travel internationally and wonder what you might be missing? Mia tells you what to pack and why. Sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing.

Girls’ Night Out and Hunting in Minnesota Farm Country

Mia Anstine went a’huntin’ in Minnesota, thanks to Remington, and also, much to her surprise, attended a Girls’ Night Out at Kruger Farms. Sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing.

Road Hunting with Mia & the Little Gal

What? They’re all about road hunting in this Retro WON column? Check out Mia & the Little Gal’s fun version, which does not involve guns at all. Sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing.

Mia Anstine Reviews a Hawke Optics Riflescope

Find out what Mia thinks about the Endurance 3 scope on her rifle. Mia & the Little Gal is sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing.

LG Brings Home Antelope for Dinner

Our Little Gal went a huntin’ with her bow and brought home delicious antelope that she and her mom, Mia, wrapped in tasty burritos. Sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing. Featured video, too!

How to: Build Simple Bird Feeders from Common Materials

LG, Mia and Nan give step-by-step instructions on building bird feeders that are fun to construct and easy to make.

The good news about bear hunting
Mia & the Little Gal: On bear hunting and bringing family together. And, don’t miss out on the delicious tamale recipe!

10 life-saving items to carry in your hunting pack

Mia & the Little Gal: Mia Anstine shares 10 items to keep in your hunting pack that might save your life while afield.

5 tips for mule deer hunting
Mia & the Little Gal: Mia Anstine shares her tried and true tips for mule deer hunting.

How to get in shape for spot-and-stalk hunting
Mia & the Little Gal: Mia Anstine shares her tried and true ways to get in shape for spot-and-stalk hunting.

7 ways children can have fun at the shooting range
Mia & the Little Gal: Mia Anstine shares 7 alternatives to paper targets, for use on the shooting range.
10 items to include in your child’s range bag
Mia & the Little Gal: Mia Anstine shares 10 “must haves” to include in your kiddo’s range bag.

Explained: 4 shotgun sports where you shoot at clay targets

Mia & the Little Gal: Mia Anstine shares the basics of shotgun sports and shooting at clay targets.

All about bowfishing
Mia & the Little Gal: Mia Anstine shares everything you want to know about bowfishing for carp, including what gear you’ll need, and a recipe.

How to get kids interested in nature by making an outdoor journal

Hunting-Know-where-to-go-orienteering-mapping-gps4 ways to know where you can go – on orienteering and GPS hunting maps

Mia & the Little Gal: Mia Anstine shares tips for using GPS hunting maps.

(CLICK HERE to Read More)

7-questions-with-Melissa-Bachman7 questions with Melissa Bachman

Mia Anstine and the Little Gal interview Melissa Bachman about her hunting adventures.

(CLICK HERE to Read More)

fly-fishing-essentials-for-womenFly-fishing essentials for women

Mia Anstine shares her list of fly-fishing essentials for women anglers.

(CLICK HERE to Read More)

questions-to-ask-when-float-fishing-the-riverFloat fishing for children

Mia Anstine shares tips on float fishing for children.

(CLICK HERE to Read More)

Questions-to-ask-when-hunting-abroadQuestions to ask before hunting abroad

Mia Anstine shares tips on how to prepare for hunting abroad.

(CLICK HERE to Read More)

tips-to-improve-turkey-populationHow to improve turkey population

When a new hunter asks how to get started hunting, LG and I often recommend turkey hunting. That, of course, is after he or she passes a Hunter Safety course. In a Hunter Safety class, a new hunter will learn about safety, firearms, laws and ethics. Conservation is another thing we can learn a lot about while…

(CLICK HERE to Read More)

Tips-for-taking-kids-turkey-hunting7 questions to ask an outfitter when taking a youth hunter on a guided turkey hunt

Mia Anstine shares important questions to ask an outfitter when taking your little guy or gal on a guided turkey hunt.

(CLICK HERE to Read More)

Tips-for-caring-for-taxidermyTips for caring for taxidermy

Mia shares her tried-and-true tips for caring for your taxidermy.

(CLICK HERE to Read More)

Youth-firearms-training-resourcesYouth firearms training resources

Mia and the LG discuss youth firearms training resources and the importance of educating your kids on firearm safety.

(CLICK HERE to Read More)

how-to-teach-child-archery5 ways youth can become involved with archery

Mia Anstine recommends 5 ways youth can become involved with archery, including groups and organizations to join.

(CLICK HERE to Read More)

christmas-gift-ideas-for-kids-who-love-hunting-fishing-shooting-outdoorsOn the first day of Christmas, my mother bought for me … 

Check out these christmas gift suggestions from Mia & the Little Gal! (CLICK HERE to Read More)

Exercises-to-stay-in-shape-for-archeryHow to stay in shape for archery

Mia Anstine shares her exercise regimen and gives tips on how to stay in shape for archery.

(CLICK HERE to Read More)

Have-fun-at-the-shooting-range-games-to-playShooting range games

Mia Anstine suggests shooting range games for the entire family.

(CLICK HERE to Read More)

Tips-to-motivate-your-child-in-the-outdoorsMotivating your child during the hunt

Mia Anstine gives her tips on how to motivate your child during the hunt.

(CLICK HERE to Read More)

Staying-warm-during-cold-weather-huntsTips for keeping your little one comfortable during cold-weather adventures

Mia Anstine gives her tips for keeping your little guy or gal comfortable while on cold-weather adventures.  (CLICK HERE to Read More)

Secret-deer-jerky-recipeLG shares her ‘secret’ deer-jerky recipe

Mia Anstine discusses the importance of properly caring for harvested animals, and shares LG’s “secret” deer-jerky recipe. (CLICK HERE to Read More)

Choosing-a-big-game-hunting-rifle-for-youthChoosing a big-game hunting rifle

Mia Anstine discusses choosing a big-game hunting rifle for women and youth.

(CLICK HERE to Read More)

Hunting-with-crossbow-tenpoint-crossbows-best-crossbowHunting with a crossbow

Mia Anstine tells why she likes to hunt with a crossbow, specifically TenPoint Crossbow Technologies. (CLICK HERE to Read More)

packing-in-for-horseback-high-country-elk-huntPlanning a pack-in, high-mountain elk hunt

LG drew a Colorado bull elk tag! Mia Anstine gives tips as they prepare for a pack-in, high-mountain elk hunt. We think you’ll like the advice, too — especially if you’re going hunting up high this fall. (CLICK HERE to Read More)

YHEC-youth-hunter-education-challenge-competion-for-kidsLG takes the Youth Hunter Education Challenge

LG and her team qualified in the junior division for the National Youth Hunter Education Challenge competition. On July 21-26, 2013, LG and her team will compete… (CLICK HERE to Read More)

lady-black-bear-hunt-Canada-youth-huntA bear hunting adventure in Alberta, Canada

The Little Gal (LG) is a member of a club called Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC). It teaches kids hunting, […] (CLICK HERE to Read More)

Lady-youth-salt-water-fishing-mexico-tipsOur first south-of-the-border sport-fishing adventure in Mexico

Is there something about fun that entails work and waking up before the sun? In the life of Mia and […] (CLICK HERE to Read More)

Manage-predators-to-protect-other-animal-populationsPredator management and tips for turkey hunting

Last year the Little Gal (LG) and I gave you a report called The Little Gal Becomes a Trapper, in […] (CLICK HERE to Read More)

Mia-Anstine-Interviews-Eva-ShockeyAn interview with Eva Shockey

I had the pleasure of speaking with Eva Shockey, co-host of “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures,” airing on the Outdoor Channel. I was pleasantly surp… (CLICK HERE to Read More)

Mia-Anstine-shoots-TenPoint-Crossbows-at-NSSF-SHOTShow-Media-Day-at-the-rangeSHOT Show stories

I must admit, it has taken me a few days to drag some info out of my Little Gal (LG). […] (CLICK HERE to Read More)

Wrastlin'-Dinosaurs-dealing-with-mental-stressWrastlin’ a dinosaur and also, the fear of failure

If you’ve been following us for any time at all, you may know that the Little Gal enjoys activities such […] (CLICK HERE to Read More)

taking-your-child-on-a-high-country-elk-hunt-quality-mom-daughter-timeHigh Country elk hunting and ‘tag sandwiches’

Quality time in the outdoors is so rewarding. The Little Gal and I have been working our tails off the […] (CLICK HERE to Read More)

youth-colorado-merriam's-turkey-huntTime for turkey

This time of year is pretty busy and time with my Little Gal, who is bigger than I am now, […]

teaching-disabled-children-how-to-shootHelping a first time shooter

We shoot quite often and it’s always fun to share shooting with others. I became a shooting instructor because I […]

NRA-Adventure-shooting-Camp-for-kidsA very special adventure camp

The Little Gal and I have been experiencing an amazing, whirlwind of a summer. We hope you have been enjoying […]

bowfishing-with-an-Olympian-ladies-youthBow fishing with an Olympian

As many of you know, I am doing my best to raise my Little Gal with a great respect and […]

youth-Oklahoma-hog-huntA Hog Hunt to Help Heal ‘Pops’

The Little Gal and I had big plans for spring hunting this year. We were going on two different spring break hog hunts, a youth turkey hu

taking-youth-duck-hunting-ladiesStarting the year off with a quack and a ‘bang!’

As we start the New Year I have been sick – sniffling, sneezing and now … coughing. The Little Gal […]

youth-trapper-raccoons-skunks-foxThe Little Gal becomes a trapper

On our ranch we used to have a plethora of turkeys, both domestic and wild. The domestic, of course, lived […]

how-to-road-hunting-taking-wildlife-photosRoad Hunting (Don’t worry … they’re shooting cameras!)

It is a year-round event but tends to really pick up just after the first thick snow. It’s called “Road […]

mom-daughter-quality-time-fishing-the-gulf-of-mexicoHoly Mackerel! The ‘Little Gal’ fishes the Gulf

I take the Little Gal on any adventure and try to teach her anything and everything possible. This year, our […]

teaching-kids-about-wildlife-outdoors-responsibility-staying-in-shape-for-hunting‘Ewe’ won’t believe this boot camp

The Little Gal has enjoyed raising livestock for the past few years. She is in 4-H and has done quite well […]

quality-mother-daughter-time-in-the-outdoors-turkey-huntingThat’s why they call it (turkey) hunting

In her debut blogpost here, Mia Anstine writes about raising her daughter to be a huntress and to love the outdoors. She describes a turkey hunt where she and her h […]

Mia & LG a New Mexico Elk Hunt

As we make our plans for the coming fall hunting season, we reminisce about last year’s hunts. LG had an outstanding hunting season last fall. She started it off with a huge tom-turkey. Then she harvested another cow elk. Later she managed to fill a tag by harvesting her very first mule deer buck. So,…

Mia-and-the-Little-Gal-SHOT-Show5 things from the SHOT Show

Mia Anstine finds 5 things she knows the Little Gal will love from SHOT Show! Attendees must be at least 16 years of age. LG squawks and complains saying she should get to go because she is certain she would like many of the products on display. We all know LG loves shooting, hunting and…

Kneeling shooting position provides a single line of stability for your support arm.Discussing Youth Firearms Training and Education

Mia & the Little Gal: Youth firearms training resources How often do you have in-depth, meaningful talks with your kid(s)? As LG and I travel to and from school each day, we have various conversations. We discuss school, teen life, friendships, sports, religion and many other topics. Today, we discussed a different kind of education……

IMG_3016How To Train for That Perfect Archery Shot

LG is training for the Colorado State Archery Association mail-in competition. She has school and other sports so we haven’t had a lot of time to get out and shoot. Shooting is definitely helpful, but in the meantime, we practice these exercises at home. Read about it at the Women’s Outdoor News Mia and the…

Youth fun, Independence, Teams

Hey you! What are you doing this summer? What are your kids doing this summer? Have you been out fishing? Hunting? Shooting? If you haven’t yet, I think it is high time. At the very least, take a hike, a bike ride or a leisurely walk. Look around at the beauty, and don’t forget to…

LG says get itLG Likes Mobile Decoys

We always miss our LG while we are away at SHOT Show. When I saw the Primos Hunting mobile decoys, I had to take a video and text them to her. I knew she would get a laugh. She did indeed get a kick out of them, and of course wants to give them a…

Tales from LGLG has Buck Fever

I am not just obsessed with wildlife, it is my passion. That is why I hunt, fish and explore in the outdoors. We went to New Mexico for an end of the year hunt. We arrived early afternoon, got settled and decided to go on an adventure with my new PhoneSkope. That time of day the…

This 4x3 mulie sauntered away after giving the willows the "what for".LG’s Chasing a Colorado Mule Deer Buck

It’s day three of LG’s quest to bag a mule deer buck. She is determined to get a “good one” and has passed on three so far. Check out today’s pass. This is a mature 4×2 mule deer buck. We watched him from sun up until he wandered away. She has much more determination, patience…

Me & LG on and elk hunt in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.Tips, Advice & Suggestions – Enjoying those days with your young one

Time seems to fly by. It seems that people are always complaining about not having enough time for this, or that. I say make it. We try to spend as much time as possible with our daughter. We have been blessed with many fun adventures. LG, our daughter, turns FIFTEEN soon. Here are some links…

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