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Hunting Boots for Women

Hunting Boots for Women by Mia Anstine An improper fitting boot can ruin a hunt, so it’s important to find a good one. Feet are made of all shapes and sizes, so everyone’s favorite hunting boot is different. So what do you look for in a boot? I put that question out on social media […]
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5 Items for a Ladies Turkey Hunting Pack

5 Items for a Ladies Turkey Hunting Pack by Mia Anstine  We sat silently, peering up at the bulbous black spots silhouetted on the tree branches. As darkness turned to light, we began to hear soft clucks followed by the raspy boss-lady as she lined everyone in the tree out. Then we caught the rumbling, […]
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Low-Poundage Compound Bow Set Up

Low-Poundage Compound Bow Set Up By Mia Anstine I’m often asked for advice on low-poundage compound bow set up for hunting big game. I have a 24″ draw length and pull 52 pounds on my hunting bow. In my initial bow set-up I took advice from male archer friends. Most of them have significantly longer […]

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Ladies, 50 Questions to Ask When Booking a Guided Hunt

Ladies, 50 Questions to Ask When Booking a Guided Hunt By Mia Anstine The number of women in the hunting world has exploded. They are initiated into the sport in a variety of ways. Some come to hunt via introduction from fathers, husbands, brothers and other mentors. As they build confidence many show their independence […]
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