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NRA-Tips-Tactics-Mia-TT_Anstine_E_Hunting-Partner_TWT[1]Hunting with a Partner – NRA Tips & Tactics with Mia Anstine

A close family friend and I were chatting about hunting. She comes from a hunting family and told me a story about how she did hunt, way back when. She described an incident that frightened her and caused her to cease in her pursuit of game. It involved hunting with a partner and lead to…

Mother-Daughter-Hunts-NRA-Family-InsightsFirst Hunts Lead to a Lifetime of Hunting Tradition

Fast forward to my now 16-year-old-daughter and I, and you’ll see we travel the world to pursue many types of game. One of our favorite hunts is that of the mini F-14s, aka teal.

youth-retell-the-hunts-that-got-them-hooked-photo-courtesy-Kristy-McKeeYHEC Competitors Retell The Hunts That Got Them Hooked

There are a lot of youngsters that amaze me, but these hunting gurus may surprise you too. Check it out, as they recount their first hunting experiences. ~Mia

Youth Deer Hunt – Article at NRA Insights

Youth hunter, Colorado Mule Deer, NRA Insights deer hunt,

NRA Insights Ezine. Page 22

Head on over to NRA Insights. It is a great interactive Ezine put out by the NRA for our youth. This month there just happens to be a post in there by Yours Truly. Check the whole magazine out, but look for my article, “Hunter is now a Hunter” on page 22. What do ya…

Kids from across nation testing their outdoor and survival skills in Raton

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