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Tips & Tactics | S7 E7: “Mia Anstine: Keeping Your Hunting Rifle Clean”

Tips & Tactics | S7 E6: “Mia Anstine: Hunting With a Partner”

NRA-Tips-Tactics-Mia-TT_Anstine_E_Hunting-Partner_TWT[1]Hunting with a Partner – NRA Tips & Tactics with Mia Anstine

A close family friend and I were chatting about hunting. She comes from a hunting family and told me a story about how she did hunt, way back when. She described an incident that frightened her and caused her to cease in her pursuit of game. It involved hunting with a partner and lead to…

summer-bull-elk-new-mexico-mia-anstine-photo10 Tips to Tastefully Photograph Your Hunting Harvests

Everyone is out hunting, and soon all of our Internet feeds will be filled with photographs of trophies. In recent times, I’ve been attacked for my social media shares of hunting photos, not just by anti-hunters…

gunfather-lead-NRA-FamilyOutdoor Channel’s “The Gunfather” Stars on Women and Guns

Lou and Theresa, a.k.a. Louie and T-Bone, who are also the hosts of The Gunfather on Outdoor Channel share the here and now of women and guns …

colters-first-deer-by-tracy-riddelFind Your Inspiration

Colter has been trying to get a deer for about four years. He’d hunted squirrels and turtles in the past but hadn’t been able to catch up with a deer yet. He’d been

Mother-Daughter-Hunts-NRA-Family-InsightsFirst Hunts Lead to a Lifetime of Hunting Tradition

Fast forward to my now 16-year-old-daughter and I, and you’ll see we travel the world to pursue many types of game. One of our favorite hunts is that of the mini F-14s, aka teal.

youth-retell-the-hunts-that-got-them-hooked-photo-courtesy-Kristy-McKeeYHEC Competitors Retell The Hunts That Got Them Hooked

There are a lot of youngsters that amaze me, but these hunting gurus may surprise you too. Check it out, as they recount their first hunting experiences. ~Mia

yhec-2015-archery-Mia-Anstine-photoEveryone’s a Winner at the Youth Hunter Education Challenge

Mia Anstine is at the 2015 Youth Hunter Education Challenge in Raton, New Mexico showcases the best of the best of our young hunters.

perspectiveyouth-YHEC-Mia-AnstineA Parent’s Perspective On the Youth Hunter Education Challenge

Outdoor writer Mia Anstine is in Pennsylvania this week for the 2014 NRA International Youth Hunter Education Challenge …

Youth Deer Hunt – Article at NRA Insights

Youth hunter, Colorado Mule Deer, NRA Insights deer hunt,
NRA Insights Ezine. Page 22

Head on over to NRA Insights. It is a great interactive Ezine put out by the NRA for our youth. This month there just happens to be a post in there by Yours Truly. Check the whole magazine out, but look for my article, “Hunter is now a Hunter” on page 22. What do ya…

 Kids finding targets and fun at NRA Hunting Competition in New Mexico

Wolf Creek Outfitters’ Mia Anstine is back with another update on the 2013 NRA International Youth Hunter Education Challenge. Taking place at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, here she is with a report from Day Two …

Raton, New Mexico – Halfway through NRA’s 2013 International Youth Hunter Education Challenge finds participants both focused and excited. The long and hot daysfind the teams supporting one another in the competition while sta… (Read more HERE)

Kids from across nation testing their outdoor and survival skills in Raton

Colorado's Junior Youth Hunter Education Challenge team arrives in New Mexico

As luck would have it, Wolf Creek Outfitters’ Mia Anstine is out at NRA Whittington Center for the 2013 NRA International Youth Hunter Education Challenge. While cheering on a certain team from Colorado, she agreed to send us pics and updates from the event.

Here’s what arrived for day one …

Raton, NM – More than 300 National Youth Hunter Education Challenge participants assembled at the Whittington Center for NRA’s International YHEC Competition. Activ… (Read more HERE)

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