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Learn the Art of Calling a Turkey

The art of talking turkey is essential to becoming an independent hunter. While many people will go with friends who know how to call, you can learn and do it yourself. You may have been hunting on your own for years, but talking turkey is a skill that separates the serious hunters from the beginners. When you learn to speak turkey, you’ll be proud to proclaim, “Look! I’ve learned to talk!”

How to Hunt Turkey Series
Part 1: Why You Need to Hunt Turkeys
Part 2: How to Locate Wild Turkeys
Part 3: The Gear You Need for Your Turkey Hunt
Part 4: Learn the Art of Talking Turkey

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The Gear You Need for Your Turkey Hunt

Your hunting license, Beretta turkey shotgun, and ammunition are at the very top of the ‘Must Have for Turkey Hunting’ list. However, there is a long list of other items you need and can use to help make the hunt more productive.

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How To Locate Wild Turkeys

Part 2: How to Locate Wild Turkeys

Getting outdoors to turkey hunt is good for the soul. Bagging a bird for dinner is even better. If you want to fill your tag, the very first thing you need to do is find the right hunting locations.


Why You Need to Hunt Turkeys

why-you-need-to-hunt-turkeys.jpgThere’s an excitement in the air as friends, clients, and guides prepare for the turkey hunting season. We look forward to the morning chill, sometimes with a bit of frost, fog, and dew. Heck, some places even contend with snow. We prepare our gear, purchase new layers, hats, gloves, devices, and such to keep us warm. Some may think it’s pure insanity to go out in these conditions. Turkey hunters are a die-hard breed of which you should be a part.

We prepare to head out into the wilderness to pursue big-ol’ gobbling toms for several reasons. If you ask any turkey hunter, they’ll have a different number one reason on their list. Here are several to give you the inspiration to get outdoors and try to track down a bearded red-head. Chasing bearded red-heads? Now isn’t that reason enough? Okay, guys. I know you’re not interested — yet.


Dogs, Mountain Lions, and Delicious Stuffing – A Field to Fork Story

hunting-with-dogs.jpgStuffing seems to be the most loved ingredient that we enjoy on our Thanksgiving and Christmas menus. This year I had rave reviews on my stuffing, and it could’ve been due to the secret field-to-fork ingredient. Dare I tell the story of how I made the “best stuffing ever?” What’s the secret ingredient that is derived from a challenging hunt? Read on, and I’ll share the story of how well-trained dogs, a beautiful mountain environment, and a challenging hunt lead to delicious eats on the table.


How to Hit the Bird When You’re Cross-Eye Dominant


We all have our excuses about why we miss flying birds when we’re shooting our shotguns, but cross-eye dominance doesn’t have to be one of them.

As a child, and even into young adulthood, I had a strong right-eye, which matched my right-handedness. Unbeknownst to me, my eyes changed as I aged. Now my left eye will take over as the strong one if the right one is fatigued. The issue doesn’t bother me at all as I look through the scope atop my Sako Hunter rifle. When I need both eyes open, to point at and hit a bird is when I’ve encountered difficulty.

I discussed the issue with my optometrist and with other shooting friends. What I learned is that this isn’t an unusual issue. While my eyes compensate for one another, and one takes over on occasion, other people’s dominance may switch entirely – or be switched from the start. I’ve learned that there is more than one way to hit a bird, and you don’t have to let your cross-eye dominance be a detriment.


How to Choose the Right Holster: Pros and Cons of a Holster

how-to-choose-the-right-holster.jpgThe forever-asked question in the concealed carry market is, “Which holster should I purchase?” I’ve been asked the question numerous times, and my answer is never brief. Heck, there’s a lot that goes into choosing a holster to safely hide a firearm on your body. This list of criteria gets even longer when it’s a woman who wants to know which holster is going to be best.

While you want to choose a holster that will fit your Beretta, you additionally need to look for one that will secure it in place and protect the trigger. If you live near a store that sells concealed carry items, it’s best to get your hands on and feel them out. You can also do as so many others before you have, and ask a friend.

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Field Safety with Hunting Partners

hunting-in-group.jpgBeing outdoors, hunting, is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Most people come to hunting by way of a family mentor. They spend time in the outdoors with their parents or grandparents. Ideally, they’ll enroll in a hunter’s safety course. They get their certification and then head out to the field with their trusted gun to become an official member of the hunting community.

Whether you’re hunting or not, being in the outdoors is incredibly enriching. Quite simply it’s good for the soul. Adding the pursuit of game is the icing on the cake. I know many great hunters who have vast knowledge and experience who hunt alone. However, any time we’re in the outdoors, just as wild animals know, there is safety in numbers.

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7 Reasons to Hunt Rice Fields for Ducks

Huge-smiles-hunting-in-the-rice-fields-Lea-Leggitt-photoLast year I passed up my annual Louisiana waterfowl hunt to join Beretta and Sako on an epic journey to Finland and Russia. While that trip has trumped all other birthday events, I have fond memories of cutting birds from the Southern skies on the date of my birth celebration.

For multiple years I headed south to the warmer, humid temperatures to take aim at the mini-F14-like Blue Winged Teal. If you haven’t partaken in the hunt, I must warn you that it’s an addicting one. While I’m not a fantastic shot at the zinging orange clay targets at the range, I’ve become quite proficient at blasting the little speed demons from the sky.

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Waterfowl Hunters and the Farm Bill

Hunting-Marsh-Louisina-Mia-Anstine-1As a waterfowl hunter and a farmer my ears perk up when I hear mention of the Farm Bill.

I’ve been working on the areas on my property that entice these birds. However, I tend to let my place rest and have found other great locations to hunt ducks. While I’d like to tell you my favorite spots, we all know those sites are sacred. Some of these places are on public land, and others are on private leases. One of my favorite waterfowl locations is in the marshes of Louisiana. Another is in the rice fields of Mississippi. Come to think of it, the cattail-covered banks of a Minnesota lake is a fantastic location as well.

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Five Ways the Shooting Range Helps with Huntingclay-shooting-for-hunters-Beretta-USA-Blog

With hot summertime temperatures, some might be surprised that we’ve already got our sights focused on waterfowl and upland hunting season. There are those out shooting summer leagues at the shotgun range and others who are booking September teal hunts, November pheasant hunts, and January goose pursuits. As many approach the stand at the range, they think of their scores, winning a shoot, or how to prepare for hunting season.

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How To Fit Your Shotgun For More Accurate Shooting

how-to-fit-a-shotgun-Beretta-USA-blogSummertime means shotgun season: range time, league shoots, and competitions. To shoot our best we need to make sure that our guns properly fit.

First off, choose the shotgun that best matches your anticipated style of shooting. As you look through Beretta’s catalog, you’ll see over-and-under, side-by-side, and semi-automatic shotguns to cover everything from upland hunting to clay target shooting, to waterfowl hunting.

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Field To Fork: Wild Turkey Tortilla Soup

Taking-home-dinner-Mia-Anstine-wild-turkey-soup-Hank-Anstine-photo-Beretta-USA-blogRecently, I’ve written about how to get started with turkey hunting and how to prepare yourself and your gear to go afield. Within my family, there’s not much more enjoyable than taking our Beretta A300 shotguns out to the field to tag and bag a spring-time wild-turkey.

However, there’s more to the thrill of hunting wild turkeys than the process of hunting the bird. While the challenge of outsmarting these savvy birds and putting the knockdown on them is part of the fulfillment in the hunt, there remains the question of how to make the most of your wild turkey harvest. Today, I’d like to share one of my favorite recipes for wild turkey.

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Patterning Your Shotgun for Turkey Hunting


There’s more than one reason to pattern a shotgun before you head out on a turkey hunt. One is to make sure the gun is shooting where it’s supposed to; the other is to make sure the shooter is shooting where he, or she, is supposed to.

Taking shots during turkey hunting is a bit different than those during waterfowl season. When you’ve got just one shot on a big bird, you want to make sure it’s a good one. Take your Beretta Turkey shotgun to the range and make sure you know where it’s hitting. Aim it at a turkey target, so you can verify the pattern impact where you aim.

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Advice for the First-time Turkey Hunter


Turkey hunting seasons are opening all around the country. I’m on various social media outlets, and the other day a follower asked me a question, “What advice would you have for a lady who is a first-time turkey hunter?”

A million thoughts went through my mind as I read the request. My first thoughts included a lot of questions, which would narrow down specifics to her scenario. Then I considered, “How about some advice, not just for the lady who wants to hunt, but for men as well.”

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How to Outfit the Best Turkey Hunting Vest

Turkey-Hunting-vest-calling-Mia-Anstine-Beretta-Lea-Leggitt-photo.jpgDampen wintertime doldrums by prepping your vest for spring turkey hunting season. While many people’s yards are buried in snow, others are looking at uber warm temps. Then there are those who are simply dreaming of a strutting, drumming tom.

If you’re among those who either pursue turkeys in the springtime or who would like to, then you’d better get your gear ready. While a turkey hunting vest isn’t mandatory, it’s highly recommended.

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What to pack for an Elk Hunt (When space is limited)

Elk-920872Cool nights and crisp mornings bring pangs and yearnings for elk season. If you’ve ever dreamed of an elk hunt, you may envision fall colors, big mountains and screaming bulls. Hunting bull elk during the rut is a hunt of a lifetime.

The truth of the matter is there are numerous ways, locations and scenarios for elk hunts. I think of the vision I shared above, while an acquaintance shared a vision of riding short horses across Mongolia with guides who didn’t speak English and expected you to jump from your running horse to ambush the glorious bull.

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 A Russian Moose Hunt


After a long flight, drive, and multiple long sits in the hunting stand, I’ve fired no shots with the Sako 85. Since the bears seem to be lucky at the stand I’ve been hunting, it’s time to pursue some Russian moose. Plus, it’ll be nice to get out in the beautiful Russian wilderness and stretch my legs after sitting for hours, trying to outsmart a bear.

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A Sako Tour Plus Range Time

sako-factory-tourWhat a joy to wake up in Finland and prepare for a tour of Sako. I enjoyed a European breakfast with a view of downtown Helsinki. Shortly I joined the hosts and writer’s group, and we boarded the bus for a ride to Riihimaki, to the manufacturing facility.

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Russian Hunt with Beretta and Sako

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-4-59-13-pmI received the invite to join a group of notable writers, along with Beretta, to the Sako plant in Finland. This adventure will be a memorable experience. I have to share it with you each step of the way.

To begin with, the process of getting to Finland is a relatively easy undertaking, but the Sako group had greater visions for the experience. After we learn about the company and tour the facility, we would be pressing on to hunt in Russia.

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Adventures of a New Zealand Bull Tahr Hunt


With just five days until departure to New Zealand, for a Bull Tahr hunt, a story appeared in my mailbox. It was from Midway USA’s Larry Potterfield. It seems he’s always out and about living my dream hunts and, here again, just days before I was to embark on a dream, he tells a story about his experience hunting chamois and tahr in New Zealand.

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15 Keys to Creating Your Dream Hunt


A dream hunt is about more than the harvest. When you’re planning, think past the kill shot. There’s an array of legwork and budgeting needed to ensure you have extraordinary memories when you get home.

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6 Things That Can Spoil Your Turkey Hunt


I look up through the tree branches to see bulbous bodies silhouetted against the forest scenery. The chilly air bites at my cheeks. Slowly the sky lightens, and the figures begin to take shape. Then hen those figures begin to move. A shiver of excitement runs through my body as I see one puff and fan its tail. I know it’s a gobbler.

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How to prepare for a Horseback Hunt


For many hunters, big game seasons are winding down, but it’s time to start planning for next year. If you are planning to go on a guided hunt out west, you may encounter the use of horses and/or mules to get into the high country. One of the benefits of using an outfitter is the fact that they should be able to get you to the good hunting areas. Sometimes this means a two-hour ride and other times it means a 12-hour ride up mountain trails. This is something you should ask when you are booking a guided hunt.

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Clay Shooting Advice from an Olympian


Each year thousands of people make a great migration to the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show). It is the industry’s largest trade show and is attended by retailers, media and other industry professionals. This year was a bit different for me. My daughter, Lea, was finally old enough to take along. She had an amazing time meeting colleagues, suppliers and learning about products. While she was there she worked on intern and homework assignments.

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 Questions You Should Ask When Booking A Guided Hunt (Part 2)


Today we’ll cover part two of that long list of questions that will help you have the hunt of your dreams instead of the hunt of someone else’s.

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4 Ways to Put Wild Game in Your Freezer


The more you hunt, the more experiences you have. The more experiences you have, the better hunter you become. How do you get more experience if you always do what you’ve always done?

Get out and try something different.

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Questions You Should Ask When Booking A Guided Hunt (Part 1)


Many hunters have bucket lists of items they would like to harvest. The challenge in checking animals off the list comes in assessing the cost to hunt said animals and having the time to sufficiently scout the area prior to the hunt. Fortunately, for some, hunters can look to a guide or outfitter to do the behind the scenes scouting without using up valuable vacation days.

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6 Ways to Survive a High Mountain Elk Hunt

Tips-on-elk-hunting-2There is nothing like chasing bugling bull elk up in the mountains. If you have ever been on a high mountain elk hunt, you know the type of shape you need to be in. If you haven’t been lucky enough to do such a hunt need to know what to be prepared for when you get there.

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Ten Ways To Convince Your Husband You Need Another Gun


The other day a question was posed to me, “How do I convince my husband I need another gun?” I was perplexed by the question and had absolutely no immediate comeback.

I pondered and then empathized. How do I convince Hank that I need another gun? I answered my own question. I don’t. If I need another gun, I simply buy it. That’s part of being an independent, self-sufficient woman, right?

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Shotgun Tips: How To Choose Shotgun Shell


Now that my daughter has a shotgun for competitive shooting let’s talk a little about practicing and using the right shells for the job. You know how to get better, right? Practice. Practice. Practice.

When my husband and I were at SHOT Show last winter, we were lucky enough to visit with Kim Rhode to get some shotgun tips from one of the most successful clay shooting athlete in history. Among the many questions we asked was how often she practices. She told us she shot a minimum of 500 rounds a day.

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Choosing a Competition Shotgun


How do you go about choosing a new competition shotgun for your 100 pound, 15-year-old daughter?

My husband and I started by asking a trusted colleague for a shotgun recommendation when looking for a new one for our teenage competitor. From there we asked a few more friends for their thoughts. More than one person recommended the Beretta A400 Xcel. We were intrigued by the suggested shotgun and wanted to learn more about it.

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5 Stand – When There’s Not Time for Sporting Clays

Beretta-692-Clay-ShootingNew shotgun shooters often wonder where to start and how to have fun. The best of the best shotgun shooters seem to boast about a good round of sporting clays. Many people think of sporting clays as golf with guns. I happen to like golf. The problem is, I don’t always have time. Between work, being a mom, volunteering and various other activities, it’s hard to get a full round in. Another factor, other than time, that may inhibit a shooter from getting a round of sporting clays in is the cost.

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8 Tips to Outsmarting a Gobbler – Some Turkey Hunting Advice


I’ve heard it a million times, and I’m sure you have too. Don’t over-call when you’re turkey hunting. That’s a good tip, but here’s a scenario that leads me to believe at times you need to call according to how the turkeys are responding.

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Six Ways to Ensure Kids Have Fun Turkey Hunting

Turkey-Hunting-with-Kids-2Turkey hunting is a perfect opportunity to get a novice involved in hunting. There is so much they can learn. Plus, hunting is a form of wildlife research and ultimately wildlife management. As a hunter, a child will learn about wildlife identification, animal habitats, animal migrations and so much more. It creates a connection and responsibility between them and their surroundings. Many hunters become stewards to the Earth.

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Shotgun Shells for the Range, Big Game, Turkey or Duck Hunting

by Mia Anstine

Shotgun Tips: How To Choose Shotgun Shell By Mia Anstine, Jun 25, 2014 11:54:00 AM Now that my daughter has a shotgun for competitive shooting let’s talk a little about practicing and using the right shells for the job. You know how to get better, right? Practice. Practice. Practice. When my husband and I were at SHOT Show last […]

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Kids Having Fun Turkey Hunting at Beretta Blog

New post up at Beretta Blog. Six Ways to Ensure Kids Have Fun Turkey Hunting Turkey hunting is a perfect opportunity to get a novice involved in hunting. There is so much they can learn and have fun with. Plus, hunting is a form of wildlife research and ultimately wildlife management. As a hunter a…

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Bone Hunting

It’s that time of year! The weather is getting warmer, snow is melting, and hunters are preparing for spring turkey hunting. Part of this is deciding which gun, choke and shotgun shell you will use. Another part of this involves scouting and locating turkey habitat. Springtime is a when we head out to look for those gobblers for upcoming seasons. While we’re out there, we can seize the opportunity to teach our young ones about wildlife and the outdoors. It’s also the time when bucks and bulls lose their antlers. This is a perfect time to drag our families, young and old, along to do another type of hunting: shed hunting!

Shed hunting is an activity that gets us away from the TV and outside to enjoy God’s creations. It is quite similar to the Easter egg hunts we had as kids. Regardless of your desire, or lack of, to hunt animals, anyone can enjoy it.

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Bear Hunting – Why We Hunt

Mia Anstine black bear wp feature image mathews archeryOne thing that amazes me about people is their reaction to specific hunting photos. I may post one, two or three photos of a mule deer buck and receive kudos, but one photo of a three-hundred pound bear and the reaction is quite a bit different. Why?! The primary reason people don’t like to see…

Beretta Blog – Six Ways to Get Started Hunting

A new shooter can often wonder where to begin in hunting. First off they need to attend a hunter education course to learn safety, responsibility and ethics. After completing a certification course, they are free to hunt, but where do they start? Over the years, new hunters have gotten a start in hunting through a…

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 11.00.21 AMBigger Guns, Smaller Caliber at Beretta USA

Using Bigger Guns, Smaller Caliber for Firearms Training I met a very nice woman at an all-ladies, new-shooter, firearms training event. She was in a group with four other women. She had never shot a pistol and was a bit hesitant at first. She watched as all the other women took a turn. They were…

Scholastic Clay Target ProgramBeretta Donates to Youth Shooting Sports

Beretta Donates $10,000 to SSSF Scholarship Fund The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) announces that Beretta USA has contributed $10,000 to its Scholarship Fund.  In keeping with the scholastic component of SSSF’s mission, the donation will be used to fund scholarships for graduating high school seniors who participate in SSSF’s Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP)…

Open letter to a gun-buying husband

Woman-ShootingIt seems men are more interested than ever in getting the ladies in their lives involved in shooting sports and self-defense. In their eagerness, they don’t always consider the fit, size, and function of guns, much less the tastes of their siginificant others. Here is what some women may have to say to their husbands regarding their expert choice of side-arms.

Dear husband,

I’ve tried and tried to explain to you that I need to go choose and purchase a concealed carry gun. For some reason, you aren’t hearing my plea. I’m certain you understand the need to defend myself and our family. I’m not sure you recognize other facets that go along with my need to choose my own gun.

I am a better shot than you, even with that over-sized, heavy gun you chose for me. Thanks to it, I now

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Five Tips to a Successful Mule Deer Hunt

mule_deer_bucksThe mule deer is an ever elusive trophy, and one that is sought by many hunters. These gorgeous animals have a gray coat with black markings on their forehead and white around their face. The bucks have antlers that typically grow up and out, branching toward the sky. In some states it can take years to draw a license to hunt one. Then it may take additional years to finally catch up to a record breaking one.

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Five Fabulous Gift Ideas for the Lady Hunter or Shooter

Each year many of us contemplate what gifts to get the lady shooters in our lives for Christmas. Check out this one-stop-shop for Christmas gifts for women who love to shoot or hunt. Beretta offers quality items on-line and in stores.

Here are a few of my favorite things for the lady who loves shooting, hunting or the outdoors.

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Hunting Wild Turkey for your Holiday Dinner

turkey-hunting-thumbAutumn is a wonderful time to take your Beretta A400 out turkey hunting. It can also be a great time to reward your family by bringing home a fresh turkey for dinner. If you want to bring home a  wild holiday turkey, you better be prepared.

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Six Ways to Get Started Hunting


A new shooter can often wonder where to begin in hunting. First off they need to attend a hunter education course to learn safety, responsibility and ethics. After completing a certification course, they are free to hunt, but where do they start?

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Preparing for a Teal Hunt


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Teal Hunt Success and Recommendations


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Learning to Shoot with your Weak Hand – Firearms Training

How to determine eye dominanceWhen you go to shooting school there are a number of things you will learn before you ever fire a shot. One important thing you will be taught is how to determine which eye is your dominant eye and to shoot with the correlating hand.

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Don’t Forget to Breathe – Four Breathing Methods for Shooters

I wake up, burrowed in my sleeping bag, and I feel a chill on my nose and cheeks. I open my eyes and see the silhouette, on the tent, made by the moon light through the tree branches. Suddenly the hair on my arms and neck stand on end as I hear a bull elk bugle in the night. My heart rate quickens as I become excited for the day’s hunt.

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Concealed Carry Handguns – Rehearsal and Responsibility

Mia Anstine shares a story about the possible use of conceal carry resized 600

I thought I was going to actually have to use my Conceal Carry (CC) gun a while back. My daughter and I had just returned from hunting. We were parked more than twenty miles from town on a highway in the high country. We had just loaded the horses in the trailer and gotten into our truck.

We sat in the truck at the trailhead parking lot eating a sandwich and warming up. A white mini-van with no license plates drove up. As it parked in front of us we noted two men were in the front seats. They sat in their…

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