What Holster for Concealed Carry?

A friend asked, so I figured you might also like to discuss what the best concealed-carry holsters are for women.

There’s so much to conceal carry holsters. First of all, the “best holster” varies depending on which firearm you use and your body shape.

I usually appendix carry with a leather inside-the-waistband holster (IWB). This is my go-to for most of my handguns and fits my curves the best–with my booty, back carry usually prints like crazy unless I’m wearing a jacket.

I have tons of holsters because they vary with my outfits and the gun I carry on any given day.

I wear Dene Adams thigh holster shorts with dresses, but you should know that the elastic waistband is not sown well and twists, but I do wear them often. I also have Undercover Tech shorts that work well for back carry.

Alexo Athletica makes some QUALITY leggings. The elastic is sturdy, and the pockets are nice. I just received a pair of Ronded by Concealment leggings (they also have belly bands) to try. I’ll have to make a video to let you all know what I think.

A belly band is great when you don’t want to add layers to your outfit, and you can adjust it up or down to fit your curves. Make sure you get one with loops or straps to hold your gun in, and they need to have enough built-in structure to protect the trigger.

I also have a thigh holster that works well with some of my micro guns.

I have tank tops that have an underarm pocket. With these and all holsters, practice the draw, so you don’t muzzle sweep yourself! That’s the most important issue with all of them. Here is a link to my storefront, where you’ll find some of the holsters I’ve tried and found to be decent.


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