First Armed Segment of the Year

I recently prepared to record my first segment of the year for Armed Lutheran Radio, and then Lloyd said, “If you have ideas for new year tips then go ahead and share them.” I thought, “wait a second” because … while I do have goals and resolutions and a calendar for my year, I really hadn’t made any plans for you for your year because … that’s really stepping over my boundaries, right? HA-HA!

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and my typical thing is that I want you to get out there. I want you to learn as much as you can. I want you to educate others. I want you to communicate with non-gun owners. I want you to be in touch with your legislators. I want you to try to save the second amendment, and the list goes on.

While I was contemplating what kind of New Year tips I could give you I thought of a meme that I’ve seen that always makes me chuckle a bit. 

When you come home or when you get to a hotel do you check behind the doors or behind the shower curtain to make sure no boogie men are there? While you’re checking, what are you going to do if one day someone is actually there?! 

Do you have a plan?

What is your plan?

This is something I think you should do in the new year. Just like a fire drill — Make a plan. 

What is your plan if somebody is in your house? What is your plan if you’re at a gas pump and a stranger approaches you? What if something bad happens?

What is your fire drill?

While you’re looking at these plans, I think there’s a lot of work you need to do as a gun owner. 

I saw this list from Beth Alcazar last year on the website. I think they’re great ideas, and you should think about and then implement them.

‘7 New Year’s Resolutions Every Gun Owner Should Make and Keep’

Listed below are some of Beth’s ideas mixed in with some of mine. Refer to the article for her specific details.

Carry your gun consistently. I know a lot of people who own guns and don’t carry them consistently. They have their gun and they leave it in their car. They have their gun and they leave it in their house. Get used to it. Carry consistently.

Practice with the method that you’re using to carry, or as she says, Train better and more often. Learn to draw from your ankle holster. Learn to draw from the small of your back without muzzle sweeping your torso. If you’re a purse carrier, practice drawing from or shooting through your bag.

Be more situationally aware – I’m probably overboard on this one, but if you read my recent post ‘Sometimes it’s Okay to Skip Handwashing’, then you’ll understand that I’m not overboard.

Take somebody new to the shooting range. Please refer to the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s +1 movement. When you go to the range, take someone with you.

Take care of your firearms and take care of yourself. If you’re not healthy, if you’re not training, and if you’re not mentally prepared, then you’re not going to do well in the event of an emergency.

I have a gun in my saddle scabbard. During hunting season it gets wet, and it gets dirty. What good is my gun going to do me if I have bad ammunition in there or if I haven’t cleaned it and it’s not going to function? I have to take care of it or it’s just a shiny club.

Stay informed and be active. Pay attention to what’s going on in our country. Read the articles that follow those attention-grabbing headlines. Many of the headlines are misleading. You have to take the time to get informed.

If you can watch live news briefings watch those because news channels cut and chop details things to fit their agendas.

Those are some tips for the new year. I would say, just like Beth says, do it consistently. Be on top of your game.

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