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Mia Anstine live with Strung Out Outdoors #LiveonReloaded

Watch the replay of the YouTube live interview with my new friends from Strung Out Outdoors (SOO). While I’ve been interviewed by many people and shows, it’s refreshing to see these guys putting in the time and doing their homework before a show. I can’t wait to see them grow.

SOO is working to be a change in the YouTube sea of anti’s, copycats, gamers, kid crazed vloggers, and those equivalent to pop-stars in the ’90s. In the midst of all of those is the small, declining world of outdoors-men/women. Then, in that little niche, you’ll find SOO working to educate and influence others.

“Skip the intro and jump to 14:00

Topics of discussion

  • Tips for hunting elk in the mountains of Colorado.
  • Why my family hunted when I was growing up.
  • 2018 archery bull.
  • How I pack my gear in and out of the mountains.
  • Predators in Colorado.
  • Draw process for hunting licenses in Colorado.
  • Chronic Wasting Disease.
  • Pack essentials.
  • The Funny Farm.
  • Favorite guns and every day carry.
  • How I started shooting.
  • Red flag laws.
  • My daughter interviewing Ted Nugent.
  • Archery and how to influence new hunters.
  • She Never Quit event.
  • Favorite wild game recipes.
  • Scariest situations during hunting trips.
  • Hank’s moose hunt and when he fell in love with me.
  • How to get the next generation involved in hunting.
  • How social media influences hunting.
  • Hunters working with one another.
  • Dealing with anti-hunters.
  • Russian black bear and moose hunting.
  • Common mistakes that rifle, handgun, and archery shooters make.
  • How I became an outdoor writer.
  • Crazy hunting incidents.
  • How to deal with discrimination in life.
  • Rapid-fire questions (1:28:00)
  • 2020 Profressional Outdoor Media Association conference.

Strung Out Outdoors’ goal is to bring fresh new ideas to the outdoor communities, not typical of your standard outdoors channels. They want to educate, recruit and sustain the outdoors and hunting for future generations. Whether you’re a beginner looking for hunting tips, or an avid hunter, tired of the same ol’ cliches, they’ve got your fix.

Every Monday at 8:00 pm EST., SOO hosts a live show called ‘LiveOnReloaded,’ where they interview a new guest each week. They discuss a variety of topics and implement a “for the viewers’ segment” where they feature pictures and questions from their audience.

Strung Out Outdoors thrives on being different and is dedicated to being your one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor entertainment needs.

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