Elk Hunting too Personal

I recently launched a limited edition elk hunting silhouette design at my shop and shared discount codes with you. Several of you contacted me because the code wouldn’t work. After further research, I learned that the design has been “limited,” and discount codes aren’t allowed because it’s “Too personal.” 

What exactly does that mean, “too personal?” — I mean it’s an elk silhouette design. Is it because I used an original design, from my bull elk? I didn’t kype someone else’s silhouette or hire a logo designer for this. The ‘Mountains are Calling’ design theoretically should be “personal” as it uses my logo and not a picture of mountains. — Have you ordered one of those yet?

I’ve appealed the ruling with no success. My thought is that because I used the word hunting, the listing may have been limited so I’ve been shopping for another avenue in which to sell my logo-wear and other items. I’m happy to say that I have a new shop. You’ll be able to use the same link buttons, and this time the codes better work!

Because I feel bad about the promo codes not working, and I’m happy to have you as a friend and follower, I’m celebrating my new shop and Christmas WITH YOU!

From now until Christmas Eve you’ll be able to save 25% on all items, and if you order by December 20th (with rush shipping) your items will make it in time to be put under the tree!

Thank you to everyone who loves the mountains, the outdoors, country life, and hunting. Let me know if there are other designs you’d like, and of course, any other good news .

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