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armed-lutheran-radio-featuring-mia-anstineThis week at Armed Lutheran Radio I’m on my way to Florida and share some tips for you to have safe travels. Listen up or read on to learn some of the ways you can have a safe, enjoyable travel experience.

According to Denver’s 7 News Crime is up at Denver International Airport compared to last year. This includes car burglaries, larcenies and assaults. In their report, Denver Police Commander Tony Lopez said “We are one of the safest airports in the country,” 

2016 reports also state that car burglaries are up 108 percent from that time in 2015. That means if you have to use overnight parking, you should absolutely NOT leave anything of value in your vehicle.

Assaults, which primarily make up the “other crimes against persons” category, show a 54 percent increase. Year to date numbers show 13 incidents in 2015 and 20 incidents in 2016.

There are other concerns you as a traveler need to be aware of. One that many of you may be aware of due to the new cards your bank has been sending is that of electronic pickpocketing. When you’re sitting in the airport and a random person comes and sits or stands beside you and there are plenty of other seats or open areas, you can bet them may be using radio frequency identification to electronically steal your information. Although you may have found it a bit annoying to update your cards and learn to use them, your bank is helping stop this crime with the new EMV chips on credit cards.

Another way to prevent this scanning is with RFIDblocking wallets. Some say these are a waste of time due to the new chip in the credit cards, but if you don’t have a new passport, thieves can steal your information from it as well. Put your passport in an RFID blocking sleeve, wallet or purse.

Another concern is that of actual pickpocketing. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in an airport and many people in congregated areas. This is an ideal time for thieves to reach into or even take bags. Next time you’re at the airport, take a gander around. Look at how many people are NOT keeping an eye on their personal items. Don’t be a victim. Carry backpacks on the front of your person. Make sure purses and suitcases are zipped and closed tightly.

You may think TSA is your friend because, after all, they are security, right? Jay Brainard, a TSA security director in Kansas, explained that news came out regarding TSA employees stealing passengers’ expensive carry-on items from their bags. Since then the TSA Office of Inspection has sent investigators out to randomly check but how do you know your items aren’t being stolen? Pay close attention because once you get past security and to your gate, it’s probably too late to run back and find your items. The best way to prevent this loss is to use carry-on bags that can have locks attached. If you’re like me, you’ll also never want to check your jewelry, cameras or valuable Swarovski optics. It’s a lot to carry, but you just never know if it’s going to make it to your destination. Carry them on and lock them up.

If you’re like me, you’ll also never want to check your jewelry, cameras or valuable Swarovski optics. It’s a lot to carry, but you just never know if it’s going to make it to your destination. Carry them on and lock them up.

Another concern that I feel many Christians need to deal with is that of telling the truth. You see, a seemingly innocent traveler may actually be interviewing you for personal information. Nonchalantly asking about your family, daughter or son, where you live, type of vehicle you drive or even what church you attend may be a way to determine how easy of a target you are. Although we’re commanded to not give false testimony, it’s important to protect ourselves and our family’s from unlikely predators.

These are just a few tips for would-be travelers. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, don’t let a predator ruin your day. Be aware. Be conscious and always be safe. Next week I’ll be back on Armed Lutheran Radio t0 tell you more about the firearms we’ll be shooting during the Florida Hog Hunt in Remington Country.

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