Lightweight Hunting Tent to Fit You and Your Gear

I just set up the Guide Gear Deluxe14′ x 14′ Teepee Tent, which I bought from Sportsman’s Guide. If you plan on being a gypsy in the woods, during elk hunting season, lightweight tents, such as these teepee styles, may do the job.

I’m planning on doing some moving around as we archery hunt. This lightweight tent will make travel quick and easy, allowing more time for hunting. We’ll set this tent in a snap, rather than lug around large canvas tents, which take some time to set up, tear down, move and set up again.



If you’re a backpack hunter, this tent is NOT the way to go. However, we will be carrying our equipment on our horses and mules, so this 26-pound tent is going to be just right.


In the past, we had a Cabela’s teepee style tent. We liked it so much that we were willing to give this new teepee a try. The old tent was 12′ x 12′ and weighed in a little lighter. This tent has added dimension, plus the entry way. We like the idea of a vestibule our front because it’ll keep rain and moisture from dripping inside.

The teepee style sleeps the three of us with room to spare. It also allows us to keep all our gear inside the tent, out of the rain or snow.

We’re hoping this tent will be durable and last the number of years our old one did. I’ll let ya know how it goes.

Sportsman’s Guide’s Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent 14′ x 14′ – MSRP $219.

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